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Carpet cleaning

Asked by: paxton20eaton on Feb 22, 2014
Category: Flooring
Does baking soda really help to clean the stains on the carpets? Has any one used it?

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Asked by: vjarvimaki on Feb 10, 2014
Category: Cabinetry
Is it possible to touch up disintegrating finish on my nine year old Merit cherry kitchen cabinets? It is mostly...

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Bath Makeover

Asked by: meierfarms on Feb 06, 2012
Category: Bathrooms
bath 7'4" x 7'9" can you help me see what bath would like in different layouts

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Total Home Windows & Doors

Asked by: followersrealig on Jan 06, 2014
5000 Dufferin St unit 201 M3H 5T5 Toronto, Ontario Phone: 416-661-6666 Business website: About: THWindows and Doors specializes in...

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Do you know which is the be...

Asked by: Jeffery Gilchrist on Dec 24, 2013
Category: Cabinetry
Granite creek cabinetry is the best place for buying kitchen cabinetry online offering 20% discount on total purchase amount.

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Advice on replacing a kitch...

Asked by: kennethnewel on Dec 18, 2013
Category: Kitchens
Answered by: Jeffery Gilchrist
I am fed with the old look, that why I have painted my cabinet and now I thinking to replace...

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Kitchen library ladder

Asked by: geriandhoward on Oct 11, 2013
we are planning a kitchen renovation with an extra bank of cupboards on on top of a lofted side on...

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Can I paint furniture with ...

Asked by: julieandtrent on Oct 10, 2013
Answered by: kennethnewel
I am redoing a room and want to paint the furniture yellow. I purchased valspar ultra interior paint + primer...

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Roots in the sewer main

Asked by: melodylines12 on Oct 07, 2013
How do I replace my sewer main when the Maple trees have gotten to it without killing the trees? I...

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Basement sewage backup reme...

Asked by: liferhyme2 on Sep 28, 2013

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Gallery/studio space

Asked by: paintercast on Aug 04, 2013
Category: Art
I'm moving into a new art studio that has a gallery space that is small (13 x 17 ) I...

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fireplace refacing

Asked by: tkelsall on Jul 24, 2013
Our 50 year old painted brick fireplace is looking dated. What are the latest trends in refacing fireplaces, in terms...

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Asked by: haleyterry on Jun 06, 2013
when i turn the pump on, the filter expands where the filter controls (value) meets the filter, why is this??

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direction of planks

Asked by: landerm on Apr 13, 2013
What is the correct direction to lay planks so they won't warpm making a hill in the plank?

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depth of 4x4 in ground, fro...

Asked by: griff-suelzer on Mar 29, 2013
How deep does the hole have to be for the 4 x 4 upright support on a deck in Atlanta,...