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Power to the Baby Boomers!

Mar 14, 2013 by Modern Supply

Many boomers are choosing to remain in their current homes as they age. Aging in Place means the ability to live in your own home comfortably and safely for as long as possible. As people remodel their homes, they’re including Universal Design products—a design concept that meets the needs of people with varied abilities. It considers people with age-related problems, people who are tall or short, as well as those with various physical or mental impairments. It also acknowledges that abilities change over time.


eco friendly shopping

Eco-Friendly Shopping Made Easy

Jul 27, 2012

Whether you are interested in using green (a.k.a. nontoxic products or eco-friendly) products for your health, the environment, or both, it doesn’t seem to matter. Being a business owner of 2 eco-friendly businesses, the biggest hesitation that I hear is “I just don’t know what to use.” It seems that the majority of people do want to use nontoxic products but simply don’t know how to do it. You may be surprised to hear that the number one reason to not change to a healthier choice is not money: it is understanding.



Tuck Away the TV In Your Bedroom When It's Not In Use With A Lift

Jul 16, 2012 by TV Lift Pros

A person's bedroom is their sanctuary from the outside world. It should be comfortable, inviting and clean to ensure a restful night's sleep. But there are other activities like watching TV or movies, surfing the Internet, working out, and more, that we do in the bedroom, and not all bedrooms have the space available for a television. However, by using a TV lift, someone with even the smallest bedroom can maximize space available in order to watch TV.



TV Lift Fireplaces Offer Safety, Style And Convenience

Jul 03, 2012 by TV Lift Pros

The age old struggle between trying to fit a fireplace and a television in the same room is over. No longer will you have to choose between the peaceful, crackling fire or a box of entertainment. When guests are over, the fireplace is a natural centerpiece that provides a warm glow and simple backdrop to conversation. But once the guests leave, you'll have to lug the TV back into the room if you've stowed it away. Instead of toting the TV around, consider combining the two with an electric fireplace with a built-in TV lift.


water art-4

You want a Water Filter, But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Jul 03, 2012 by PuriTeam

You want your family, your children, to have safe, clean water, but you don’t know where to start. That’s a common feeling. There are so many filtration options from so many different companies – it can get confusing.



Look. Don't Touch

Jun 15, 2012 by MeCC Interiors

Samsung’s new ES8000 Series 8 Smart TV HD LED television comes in 40″, 46″, and 55″ models. The size is only a small part of the design. The part I love, aside from the commercial that I had to share (link below), is that it will help eliminate the mad clutter of remotes many households seem to collect.



Avoiding Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

Jul 12, 2011 by Arpi's Industries Limited

Refrigerant Hazards Can Lead To Serious Problems, So Don't Mess With Hydrocarbon Refrigerants.