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A Spotlight on Art

Jul 11, 2012 by Block Lighting

The family portrait sits upon the fireplace, and though there is plenty of light in the grate, there is little cast upon the picture above. Lighting your artwork not only shows off the things you love, but can enhance the lighting in the room, by offering dimension. Lighting artwork properly can illuminate the details, showing sides of the work that could not be seen before. Lighting artwork will also direct your guests attention, showing them the things you want them to see the most.



The Benefits of Having an Aquarium in Your Home

Jun 26, 2012

Many people with fish will attest that there are many benefits to having an aquarium in your home. Whether you have a family or not, fish can be a low maintenance pet that are usually kept for their decorative value rather than for affection, such as with cats or dogs. The sounds and views of water and underwater scenes, filled with fish, can also be a soothing picture that will help relax agitated children or give you a pleasant atmosphere to sit in after a hard and stressful day of work.



Ikea Summer Trend 2012: Zesty Style

Jun 04, 2012

Inside scoop! Freshen up your Home with a Burst of Citrus Colour



Bring Your Space to Life with Outdoor Art

May 30, 2012 by Outdoor Art Pros

If your deck or patio is simply decorated with some seating options, a table and maybe an umbrella, you sure are missing out on creating a sensational space.



Logo Water Fountains – Powerful Marketing Tools

May 15, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

Quite often, the most subtle and unexpected acts and items can make the most powerful marketing tools. A business that helps out during a crisis is often the buzz of a city for a while. This same type of concept applies to logo water fountains. These beautiful pieces of art have a way of leaving a lasting impression, without looking like you are actually advertising.