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Original Fakro Ladder

Fakro Attic Ladders

Mar 09, 2010

Fakro attic ladders were desgined to provide easy and safe access to the attic space.

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Original Affinity Machine

Energy Efficient Washer and Dryer

Jun 12, 2008

While it’s not quite washboards and line-drying, Frigidaire’s new Affinity 8000 Series washers and dryers bring a welcome eco-friendliness to laundering that not …

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Original Gallery8

Basement Finishing System

Jun 08, 2008

Put your basement in black tie with the Basement Tuxedo finishing system. The name may be a bit hokey, but the system claims to keep basements warm and dry with a finishing system made from organic materials.

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Original Attic 4

Attic Stairs

Jun 08, 2008

A hideaway in the attic is something that many children romanticize, but in this day and age, rarely get to experience, mostly because attics are now usually filled not with their grandmothers’ trousseaus, but insulation and electrical wiring.