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Bean Bag Chair Pros

As the population becomes educated on the many benefits that bean bag chairs offers, the demand for a larger selection continues to grow. Here at Bean Bag Chair Pros, we are committed to selling the best and most affordable selection possible. Our site is filled with high-quality, comfortable, durable and...

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The Versatility of Beanbag Chairs

Oct 16, 2012 by Bean Bag Chair Pros

If you are considering adding a beanbag chair to your space, but you are not sure if it will get used or not, you should know that they are voted as one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy. Why else do you think so many people still have their old trusted chair from the 70s? The old styles may not be as attractive or offer the same thoughtful features, but they have one thing in common; they were made to last!



Maximize Storage and Space with a TV Lift Cabinet

Sep 18, 2012 by TV Lift Pros

In most homes, the bedroom is the most cluttered room. Even if everything is put away where it belongs and there are no piles of laundry folded on top of the dresser, the space still appears busy. According to Feng Shui, every object in a room creates energy, and this is what makes a room appear crowded or cluttered. It is also suggested that electronics give off the most energy so televisions, alarm clocks, gaming consoles, etc., are primarily to blame. This is why TV lift cabinets have become so popular.


tv lift

Foot of the Bed TV Lifts

Jun 04, 2012 by TV Lift Pros

If you are just recently being introduced to foot of the bed TV lifts, you are certainly not alone. As fantastic as these pieces of furniture are, there are still plenty of people unaware that they even exist.



Transform Dead Alcoves into Great Bedroom Spaces

Apr 03, 2012

Have you got an awkward space or nook and no idea what to do with it?



Elevator Beds

Mar 06, 2012 by MeCC Interiors

You have likely heard of both adjustable beds and Murphy beds, both of which are still readily available. But there is also a growing trend towards elevator beds.



Storage Beds

Feb 21, 2012 by MeCC Interiors

Given the abundance of small condos that are flooding the market, it is not surprising that people are perpetually wondering where they might store all their stuff if they were to move in. When space is at a premium, multi-tasking furniture becomes imperative; many beds now offer increased functionality with great storage potential.



5 Ways Our Kitchen Remodel Enhanced Our Home Life

Feb 21, 2012 by Kitchen Magic Custom Refacing & Cabinetry

My husband and I have been in the process of remodeling our home for many years now. This past year, we decided on a kitchen renovation focusing on the kitchen cabinets and countertops. The kitchen remodeling went as planned and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Our goal was to streamline the kitchen while matching its design to the rest of the changes we’ve made in the house.


living room


Jan 24, 2012 by LIGHTS ON

In choosing the size of a chandelier, there are no concrete criteria of evaluation. Interior designers always advise to stay away from buying a small-sized chandelier for a large room. On the other side, the use of candelabras or small chandeliers allows, in certain cases, to attain an interesting compositional effect. Every-thing depends on your taste and wants.



Eco-Disposal Helps the Environment and your Community

Nov 17, 2011 by MeCC Interiors

Occasionally, we tire of furniture and want to replace it even though there it still has plenty of life left. Or we may move to a smaller or larger home and the existing pieces are no longer useful or needed. Rather than adding to already overpopulated landfills, consider local charities.


Understanding Permits

Jun 23, 2011 by Level One Construction

As a homeowner, you are not legally permitted to perform your own renovation work, with the exception of the electrical, but it is strongly recommended amateurs not do this as disastrous results can occur.