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7 Great Attic Room Ideas

Jan 30, 2013

Today, every inch square of living space counts. Oftentimes, attics of large houses are being rented to serve as individual homes. Attics are convenient dumping spaces for used items our mothers refuse to let go. Old toys, clothes and furniture pieces are intermittently being dumped into that space between your roof and the ceiling.


tv lift

Foot of the Bed TV Lifts

Jun 04, 2012 by TV Lift Pros

If you are just recently being introduced to foot of the bed TV lifts, you are certainly not alone. As fantastic as these pieces of furniture are, there are still plenty of people unaware that they even exist.



Elevator Beds

Mar 06, 2012 by MeCC Interiors

You have likely heard of both adjustable beds and Murphy beds, both of which are still readily available. But there is also a growing trend towards elevator beds.