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Imagine Storage Solutions, Inc.

Imagine Storage Solutions, Inc. offers complete home storage organization products and services that allow the homeowner the comfort and ease of creating a more gratifying, functional work space anywhere in their home....

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HandiWALL© by Imagine™ Storage Solutions

HandiWALL® is the cellular PVC slat wall designed to accommodate the various Imagine Storage product line. Used as a complete wall for garage applications or as sections for smaller areas such as laundry rooms, pantries and closets, the HandiWALL® allows a flexible layout that easily adapts to your storage needs.



A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

May 02, 2012 by Imagine Storage Solutions, Inc.

Do you find yourself doing a “dance” every time you step foot in your garage? Shimmying past bikes, hopping over boots, sliding into your car through a narrowly opened door? If you’d rather save your dance moves for date night, maybe it’s time for a garage storage makeover.