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New York City remodeling and renovations are a special breed...

Jul 27, 2011

New York City remodeling and renovations are a special breed... much more complex than if you were doing the same work in a private house.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Renovations

Jun 19, 2008

Home inspection can sometimes reveal flaws in a house. Getting quotes from contractors to repair these flaws can sometimes be frustrating. Prices can vary significantly as can the suggested repair materials, means and methods …



Working Safely With Lead-Based Paint

Jul 18, 2011 by Eco-Strip LLC

Until recently, contractors, homeowners, and the general public in the U.S. had little knowledge of the dangers around them as they worked on older buildings. Many historic restorationists who focused on buildings from the 19th and early 20th century knew that the lead commonly used as a binder and colorant in old paint could poison them. In 1971, the U.S. Housing and Urban Development agency (HUD) enacted laws to reduce lead in house dust in federally-assisted housing. It wasn’t until 1978 that the US outlawed the manufacture and application of lead-based paint. Most European countries had done so decades before.


Understanding Permits

Jun 23, 2011 by Level One Construction

As a homeowner, you are not legally permitted to perform your own renovation work, with the exception of the electrical, but it is strongly recommended amateurs not do this as disastrous results can occur.



Home Remodeling Trends: Using Environmentally Friendly Materials

Apr 29, 2007

Home building and remodeling are at all time highs and our natural resources are in more danger than ever. How can these two factors reconcile themselves? Newer, friendlier products and approaches make it easier to shop smart when home remodeling. Remodeling a home is the process of remaking or restyling existing structures or designs, updating the existing fabric of the home into something new, whether …


It's Important to Make the Right Choice

Apr 14, 2011 by AtlasCare

Always Trust a Fully-Licensed Professional for Your Home Comfort Installation



Choosing a Power Drill

Jul 19, 2010 by Lowe's

Hand-held power tools have become an indispensable part of the modern handyman’s and contractors’ toolbox. Power drills are the most commonly purchased hand-held power tool. You can spend from $30 – $400 for a tool that meets your needs. With that dollar range in mind, you may want to ask yourself a few simple questions before you go shopping. These same questions will also apply to most power tool purchases.


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Top 7 Tips for the Aspiring Homeowner

Mar 19, 2010 by Canadian Parents

With the aim of helping aspiring homeowners avoid some common errors, I want to pass on seven tips.


Original Electrician

Some Things To Make Your Home Easier To Maintain

Feb 12, 2010 by Citadel Renovations

There are many, many products, services and gadgets that can make the running and maintaining of your home easier. However, many of these are expensive, complicated, and may not live up to the billing. The best “stuff” is usually comparatively inexpensive and easy to install when your home is being built or renovated.


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Energy Efficiency

Nov 06, 2009 by Citadel Renovations

As the cost of running your home continues to go up, there are many ways and places to look for savings.


Original Greenhome

What's a Green Consultant?

Sep 24, 2009

A Green Consultant sees through Greenwashing.


Original House

Your Electrical System, Part 2

Aug 26, 2009 by Citadel Renovations

Your Electrical System, Part 2 With Help From Randy at CQS Electrical


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Air sealing for Deep Energy Savings!

Aug 19, 2009 by Feinmann Inc.

Green building in its current manifestation is primarily hype. The market, quick to jump on the bandwagon, has focused primarily on tangible products that may draw envy from neighbors, but do little to actually preserve precious resources and reduce your energy bills. The real decision to go ‘green’ should start with the decision to minimize the home energy footprint.


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Choosing a Renovator

Aug 07, 2009 by Pioneer Craftsmen Ltd.

Usually after the initial telephone call, followed by the first meeting you will know if you feel comfortable and trust the renovation contractor. However it is important not to make your choice on “feelings” alone.


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3 Contractor Secrets to Save Thousands on Your Kitchen Renovation

Jul 23, 2009 by Bryant Renovations

How to make the most of your money


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How to know if your builder is really building an energy-efficient home

Jun 22, 2009

The energy efficiency of a home can be measured using Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide rating system.


Original House Elevator

Toronto Home Modification & Accessibility

Jun 04, 2009 by Barabco Design/Build

Why sell your house in today’s economy if you can modify it to live comfortably in your own home?


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Home Renovation Basics

Jun 01, 2009 by Norseman Construction & Development Ltd

First time renovating? With these tips you should be able to make the most of your investment, both financially and in enjoyment!


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What to Know Before Hiring a Contractor

Dec 22, 2008

The very first thing you should ask yourself before even considering hiring a contractor is, “Can I do this myself?”


Building a Home From Scratch

Dec 16, 2008 by Decor By Jennifer Inc.

I can tell you with complete certainty – the stress involved in making 24-hour decisions about your new home and maintaining your existing home as well as raising your family, (and oh yes in my case also doing this for a living) even with a strong emphasis on planning – Building-From-Scratch is not for the faint of heart!


Why Hire a Licensed Contractor?

Nov 13, 2008 by Safety Authority

Renovating or building your home should be a positive experience free from stress and worry. But did you know that electrical and gas installations and renovations can pose some of the most serious safety risks in the home? “Do-it-yourself” might make sense when it comes to some home improvements, but when it comes to doing electrical or gas work , it’s best that you rely on the experts. Simply put, hiring licensed contractors provides peace of mind. So while you’re …


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Exterior Construction Contractors

Sep 12, 2008 by Supply Install Services

Renovating the exterior of your home should be a positive experience. You should have full confidence in your renovator and know that you are getting the best! Below is a list of the top ten qualities you should look for when …


Tips for Tackling Remodeling Projects

Aug 05, 2008 by Pella

Feel confident you are doing the right thing – remodeling makes sense (and cents). Remodeling adds curb appeal and potential value; can increase a home’s energy efficiency and help reduce energy costs; improves a home’s comfort, style and beauty; and reduces …