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TV Lift Pros

TV lift cabinets are furniture items that not everyone knows exist, but when they discover them, then need to have one immediately! It is easy to get super excited about these products and wonder how you even managed without one for so long. As these cabinets continue to increase in...

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TVLIGHTCABINET Remington Electric Fireplace TV Lift

Jun 26, 2012 by TV Lift Pros

If you’re torn between the idea of making your entertainment center or your electric fireplace the center of attention in your living room, the Remington Electric Fireplace TV Lift is the perfect product for you.

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Original Se94 Screenshot

Digital Television

Jun 17, 2008

Clear, brilliant colors. Bigger screens than ever before. HDTV. All of these words get thrust at consumers every day, but their meaning sometimes gets lost once it comes time to actually purchase a new television. Sharp’s Special …

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Original Sc Pt760 500

Home Theatre System

Jun 09, 2008

With every advance in home entertainment equipment, it feels like the family room gets more and more crowded with wires, remotes and clunky black boxes. Panasonic’s new line of home theatre speakers, however, takes a cue …