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POWER-SAVE - Power-Save Grid-Tied Solar 2000 SYSTEM 2KW (SOLAR-2kw)

Nov 16, 2012 by Affordable Home Electronics Energy

Power-Save Grid-Tied Solar Systems. Grid tied systems do not use batteries! The panels work by producing DC power during sunlight hours and converting it to AC power through an inverter. The inverter then feeds the load required by the home, before pushing the remaining AC power through a "net meter" out to the grid.

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application shot mor-flexx

Mor-Flexx® Flexible Sealant

Feb 06, 2012

Mor-Flexx® is the flexible sealant for textured surfaces. Its composition mimics the character of many different textured surfaces, including stone, stucco, brick, mortar, wood and composite panels and siding. It won’t dry hard and crack like other repair products. It stretches and flexes with temperature changes and movement. Use Mor-Flexx where a textured, mortar look is desired, indoors or outdoors.

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Through the Roof!

Sep 07, 2011 by Sashco, Inc.

Get your home ready for fall with Sashco’s Through the Roof!®, the clear roof repair sealant that gives a clear, flexible seal for rooftop fixtures without the look of messy black asphalt. It can be applied to wet surfaces and in cold temperatures, repelling water immediately. Through The Roof! is made to permanently stop and prevent roof leaks and to expand and contract with temperature changes without drying hard or cracking. It lasts 2-3 times longer than asphalt and meets FHA requirements. For repairs that stick, but won’t stick out, use Through the Roof! on common roofing fixtures and materials, including: galvanized metal and aluminum flashing, PVC and ABS vent pipe, skylights, gutters and downspouts, ductwork and vents, chimneys, brick/block/mortar, shingles and shakes, flat roof tile, metal RV roofs. Available in cartridge grade or brush grade. For more information visit