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ANVIZ L100 Fingerprint Door Lock L-100 Biometrics

Nov 16, 2012 by Affordable Home Electronics Home Security

The Revolutionary Anviz L100 is a singe latch door lock with fingerprint authentication technology. Authorized users can easily open the lock with the touch of a finger. This amazing product replaces keyed locking mechanisms with a fingerprint sensor which recognizes who is who and who is not authorized to enter. Once your fingerprint is registered, all you will have to do is scan your fingerprint to gain access. It's that simple!

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application shot mor-flexx

Mor-Flexx® Flexible Sealant

Feb 06, 2012

Mor-Flexx® is the flexible sealant for textured surfaces. Its composition mimics the character of many different textured surfaces, including stone, stucco, brick, mortar, wood and composite panels and siding. It won’t dry hard and crack like other repair products. It stretches and flexes with temperature changes and movement. Use Mor-Flexx where a textured, mortar look is desired, indoors or outdoors.

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Linden Tri-Lite

Nov 21, 2011 by (M4L) introduces a new sleek and modern wood and glass entry door.

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Brighthandle Illuminating Door Handles

Nov 11, 2011 by MeCC Interiors

The Brighthandle collection by Emtek combines functionality, design, and fun all in one. The stainless steel interior privacy levers feature an acrylic handle with LED lighting powered by a single AA battery. When the door is locked, the handle illuminates.

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Antibacterial Door & Cabinet Hardware

Aug 17, 2011 by MeCC Interiors

I happen to think that our immune systems need to interact with a healthy amount of bacteria and that there are far too many antibacterial products on the market these days. However, in certain settings, it does make sense to be ultra-sensitive to bad bacteria. Think hospitals and care facilities, food establishments, and the like. It is in those types of settings where I can see antibacterial cabinet and door hardware taking off, so it is not surprising that more and more companies are introducing products that will fill the bill.

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Garden Window To Patio Door Renovation

Aug 11, 2011 by Polar Ray-O-Max Windows

This homeowner had a window that was not working efficiently but they didn’t necessarily want to replace it with another window. A triple door system was implemented to increase the capture of natural light and add functionality to the area. A space that was once blocked is now open to pass through.

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Security Windows

Aug 11, 2011 by Polar Ray-O-Max Windows

Proper functioning windows and doors are an integral part of your home security. To know whether your windows are secure check your hardware, make sure it’s steel mounted and that it cannot be stripped.

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Original Image001

NovaSecure® Steel or Fiberglass door

Jun 16, 2010

Only the Novasecure steel or fiberglass door is designed and built specifically to accept a multipoint locking system.

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Original 6294 Sunset08 As Dh

Gracing the finest homes, Pella® Architect Series®

Jun 07, 2010 by Pella

Because “close enough” won’t do for your home, Pella® Architect Series® windows and patio doors are made to your specifications with meticulous workmanship and all-wood construction.

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Original 6036a Cstil 3pnldlux

Pella® fiberglass entry doors

May 06, 2010 by Pella

Look good and save energy: Pella fiberglass entry doors not only make a terrific first impression – they also perform impressively.

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Original 4162 Clsc Pl Sdl Brkrm

Quality wood windows, standard price with Pella® ProLine

Apr 12, 2010 by Pella

Pella ProLine gives you everything you want – the most popular features and options, great designs and a very competitive price.

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Original Unknown 2

VELUX No Leak Skylight - Fixed

Apr 12, 2010 by VELUX

The FS fixed skylight, designed for deck mounted installations, is perfect for visually expanding areas such as hallways, stairwells, and other closed-in, dark spaces that can be transformed with light and sky views.

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Original 2

Duet high pivot window

Mar 09, 2010

A new design in the roof window market.

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Original 1

FTH-V high pivot window

Mar 09, 2010

The FTH-V window is a completely new product on the global market. Its construction is similar to centre pivot windows but here the axis of rotation is situated above the centre of the window height.

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Original Balkon 200

Balcony window

Mar 09, 2010

Opened sashes create a balcony in the loft.

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Original 4004 Ds Shade Install Pd

Pella’s Snap-In Between-The-Glass Window Fashions

Mar 02, 2010 by Pella

Pella® Designer Series® windows offer so many beautifully simple ways to brighten a room and decorate your home.

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Original Pella Impervia Casement 6127c

Pella® Impervia® windows

Feb 11, 2010 by Pella

Battle extreme weather with Pella® Impervia® windows

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Original Aristocrat Tile

Aristocrat Ceiling Tiles and Drop Ceiling Panels

Nov 19, 2009

Harkening back to the Victorian oak paneled ceiling look.