Family Sized Makeover: Hardwood Floors

Veronica Ginyard bought her two-bedroom house in Capitol Heights, Md., so she and her eight children could be together under one roof. She called it her dream home. What this single mother first considered to be a safe haven later ended up being a dangerous place. A contractor she had hired to do some repairs actually made things worse.

The Ginyard family was left with a house that had holes in the floors, exposed electrical wires and leaky plumbing. The tiny house also proved to be too crowded for a family of nine. Some of the children had to sleep in the drafty attic or in the moldy basement because the bedrooms were too crowded. “The house was no longer safe for my children,” recalls Veronica. “Our stuff was also piling in on us because the house was so small. I had no idea what to do next.”

Changing Spaces

Veronica needed a lucky break. “I don’t play the lottery because I just know how luck flies with us, with everything we’ve been through,” she admits. Yet, her 16-year-old daughter, Lauren, knew their lives could dramatically change for the better and did not give up. Lauren applied for a home makeover from a national television program. Two weeks later, their house was selected out of 30,000 entries.

What happened next is what television does best. An army of workers descended on the Ginyard’s dilapidated house and transformed it into a stunning, three-story, 3,700 sq. ft. home. The house was custom built for the family’s needs, with six bedrooms, five bathrooms and a living room designed for family gatherings. What’s more, the house is now hazard free.

“The house is so beautiful and stylish, but it also has a warm, homey feel to it,” boasts Veronica.

“I absolutely love our new home! Everything was built with top-notch materials. The holes in the floor are now replaced with gorgeous Maple hardwood flooring.”

“I love my floors,” gushes Veronica. “The color is beautiful and it goes perfectly with the contemporary style of the furniture. The lighter, neutral color of the floors also makes the other colors pop right out.”

Changing Lives

“I never dreamed that the house could be as big and wonderful as it is now. Never!” she exclaims. “I always had faith that it would get better. I just didn’t know that God would give me such a big, big blessing.” Veronica no longer has to worry that her house is unsafe, or that her children have to sleep in the attic. She has her dream home after all.

This article was provided by Lumber Liquidators. Lumber Liquidators supplied over 3,300 sq. ft. of Schon Quick Clic engineered natural and select Maple hardwood flooring throughout the home. Lumber Liquidators is the supplier of hardwood flooring for ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Visit them online at for more flooring options. Photo: Jeff Wolfram (Schon Quick Click Maple)

Article Author

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