RODA Select Dealers: What You Should Know

In October 2010, Basco Shower Enclosures introduced its newest product line, RODA by Basco, and sales have exceeded expectations due to the success of RODA Select Dealers.

By becoming a RODA Select Dealer, you not only become a strategic part of Basco’s growth in the industry, but you create an opportunity for growth within your own organization. We are proud to share the RODA line with you, as we believe it offers tremendous opportunity for all of us to better meet the needs of luxury customers and to capture this lucrative segment on the market. Basco Shower Enclosures provides the marketing materials, technical expertise, factory installation services and limited lifetime warranty. RODA is one of the easiest doors to quote because of less “adders”, with blended pricing options. By simply suggesting the product and closing a sale, dealers are able to grow profits off of each enclosure sold.

Bathrooms are becoming increasingly luxurious, as homeowners strive to design a relaxing, yet personalized shower space. RODA by Basco helps wholesalers take advantage of this growing and vibrant market opportunity. RODA allows customers to select the design that complements their individual environment, while adding ease to the overall purchasing experience.

Basco values dealers as team members, and equips them to succeed. When dealers provide excellent customer service, share knowledge and expertise with consumers, everyone becomes successful.

Tim Fox, from Redlon & Johnson, shares his thoughts as a recently trained RODA Select Dealer:

“I have been working with the Basco product line for 16 years and have seen all of the strategic changes along the way. At Redlon & Johnson, we have always displayed a full array of Basco shower doors in a variety of glass options and frame colors in our showroom. A few years ago, we were introduced to the Celesta product, which was an immediate success and in late 2010, we added the Rolaire door to our showroom. We noticed that with the price decrease of the Celesta line, the product became more affordable to a wider range of customers. Now as a RODA Select Dealer, the eight collections from RODA allow for Redlon & Johnson to become involved in larger, more customized projects, expanding our portfolio in the marketplace. Now more than ever Celesta has become a daily routine sale for us. As a recently trained RODA Select Dealer, we are are very excited to see our progress moving forward.”

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Since 1955, Basco has earned the trust of millions of customers by designing and fabricating custom shower doors and shower enclosures. Basco’s approach centers around their commitment to customer care, craftsmanship and quality. They are consistently rated number one in quality and brand preference.

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