Benefits of Having an Outdoor Water Fountain

Although outdoor water fountains have recently exploded in popularity, people around the world have been enjoying them for hundreds of years. Not so long ago, they were considered to be art for the elite, as they were placed politely in front of castles and mansions. Today, they come in every size, shape, material, theme and price range imaginable, so everyone can enjoy the many benefits that they offer.

Tranquil Environment

You do not need to catch a plane to a tropical paradise on your own private island, you can create a tranquil oasis in your own backyard.

Fountains have long been used in yoga and meditation studios because the gentle sound of cascading water is extremely relaxing. Place one on your patio next to your hammock or beanbag sofa and you can almost feel the ocean breeze on your face and the taste of salt in the air.

Promote Good Health

Since outdoor fountains create such a relaxing environment, they immediately calm the nerves and relive stress. As most are well-aware, stress contributes to a long list of health complications and often dictates poor sleeping and eating habits. A simple fountain can help relieve some of the daily stress and anxiety that accumulates on your shoulders.

Focal Point

It is as important to have a focal point in your outdoor living space as it is inside your home. When you enter a space, your eyes scan the surroundings; it is very exhausting when they do not have a place to come to rest. This is very comforting for your guests as well, especially those coming to your home for the first time.

Noise Barrier

Do you have neighbors that play their music just a little too loud, or is there a dog next door that seems to bark all day long? Water fountains can drown out these obnoxious noises. Although they are certainly not loud themselves, the sound of running water is an exceptional noise barrier.

Plants and Wildlife

When outdoor water features are placed in your garden or flower beds, they offer a number of benefits to both plants and wildlife. The moisture that is released will help keep your flowers from wilting away on a hot day and the water itself will invite birds, butterflies, bees and dragonflies to your garden. The bees and butterflies will help with pollination while the dragonflies keep your mosquito population to a minimum.

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