Wall-Mounted Closet Valets

Often times, a “valet” for a closet is a bar that either slides out or extends downwards; not quite the same thing as a real valet system. So if you want more than just a bar, but do not want to take up valuable floor space, what are your options?

Closet, meet Andy, designed by Diogo Frias and available through Wewood. Andy is both a wall-mounted hanger and a valet. When not needed, Andy neatly tucks away. As an added bonus, the top ledge can be used as either storage or display space.

Somewhat similar in style to Andy is Mondo Cane’s valet.

A simpler and a more cost effective item is available through Bunk-Bed-Loft-Bed.com. The sturdy unit folds away and still offers space to hang both a jacket and pants.

Last but not least is Kohler’s Margaux valet, which some of you may recall seeing in the spring in my review of K|BIS. As I mentioned previously, I love the simplicity of design and the fact that the hanger is moveable. If you steam your clothes in the laundry room and then walk them back to your closet, you can easily have a valet in each area and carry just the hanger portion with you. And when the hanger is not present, Margaux is still valuable as a hook.

Whatever your choice, know that there are many functional options available in a wide range of prices. If your closet has the space to accommodate one of these beautiful systems, why would you not install one?

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