Compose your Bathroom

I think most people would equate the word “compose” with music or prose, and not the bathroom. But that was before Hansgrohe‘s brilliant Axor Bouroullec Composer.

The composer collection allows you the freedom to design your bathroom in a whole new way, both aesthetically and functionally. Yes, in a sense, all bathrooms are composed when you select your basin and faucet options, and possibly a vanity. But Axor Bouroullec is different.

Yes, there are individual pieces. These pieces are designed to fit together and flow in a very organic way, almost like a multi-tiered puzzle with interchangeable puzzle pieces.

Axor Bouroullec is a collection that is not constrained by a rigid pattern. In fact, more than seventy (70) bathroom products – from mixers, accessories and wash basins to the bath tub – give you the freedom to compose the ensemble that best suits your individual needs. The position of the mixer is not predetermined: you can decide where to locate the spout and handles above, on top of and around the wash basin. Shelves integrated into the wash basin permit flexible positioning of the mixer or provide space to store your personal items. A collection which gives you the freedom to customise your bathroom as never before.

One of my favourite parts about this collection is the shelves. They are made from the same mineral resins as the basins, which is less likely to crack when drilled, making placement worry free. The shelves are designed to fit with the basin, shower, tub, or even on their own. A shelf can act as storage, become a functional element on which a mixer is placed, or even conceal the mixer to become its own faucet. The options are fantastic and will go a long way towards eliminating bathroom clutter creep!

You can use the online Configurator to design and save your ideal bathroom. When you’re ready to buy, there is a function that will show you retailers near by. Simply print out your saved design and they will take care of the rest.

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