Porcelain Slabs VS Natural Stone

Man-made and Concrete Slabs for Counter tops

Counter tops are the focal point of any kitchen. Everyone notices a nice or horrible counter top. A beautiful counter top can make cheap cabinets look better and expensive cabinets look sensational. Granite and marble have been constants in counter top options. Natural stone brings uniqueness because no two pieces are alike. While this may be something that draws consumers in, they are also looking for new low maintenance options. There are man-made slab options in the marketplace, but some come require some maintenance to keep them looking in pristine condition.

MaxFine, Maximum, and MetalXXL were created to enhance the counter top and hard surface marketplace. It is the only product that displays a large surface area with a reduced thickness (1/8” and ¼”) and is available in honed and polished finishes. Being porcelain it has a high resistance to stress and is impervious to heat and staining. These products enable consumers and builders to create any type of design aesthetic; available in stone, concrete, solid colors, and metal finishes.

Porcelain Tile Countertop Applications

Many consumers enjoy the look of stone and concrete, but do not like the maintenance that is associated with it. Natural stones such as granite, marble, limestone, and travertine need to be sealed, because they are porous and can change color over time. In order to keep your counter top looking like the day it was installed, it has to be cleaned and resealed preferably by a professional, every 3-5 years. The main advantage is that no one will have the same counter tops as you. Someone might have the same color stone, but no two slabs are exactly alike.

Granite is the hardest natural stone; you can cut on it, but you might leave some scratches, and it has to be resealed periodically. One of the problems with concrete is the upkeep. There are problems with cracking and color changing. With man-made products, (i.e. resin quartz, laminate, concrete, porcelain, glass) a certain color is produced exactly the same every time. Some consumers appreciate this because there is no surprise once they receive the material, but some of these slabs have installation limitations and need to be sealed. Man-made Quartz products are the closest to natural stone and cost almost exactly the same. They are stronger than granite and for the most part stain and impact resistant.

We introduced our porcelain slab collection this year to enhance consumers’ options and alleviate some of the maintenance issues. You can use our new porcelain slabs for counter top applications just like a natural stone slab. The slabs are only ¼” thick making it easier to transport the slab to the fabrication shop and to deliver to the job site. Since our slabs are so thin you can install a counter top fabricated from one of our porcelain slabs directly on top of an existing counter top.


  • No Sealing
  • Less Grout Joints
  • Easy to Clean
  • Consistent Pattern
  • Resists Heat
  • 60" x 120" Slab Size
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Clean Mitered Edges
  • Available in Honed and Polished
  • No Discoloration
  • Can Be Installed Over Existing Countertop

Article Author

Comprised of 93% natural quartz, Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces and Countertops offer the ultimate combination of form and function, allowing for a more diverse, durable, and practical countertop surfacing material than either granite or marble. With its stain, scratch, and heat-resistant properties, Caesarstone is the ideal choice for care-free countertops.

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