Skylights: What do I want to look through and why?


The answer is, they are all good stuff depending on what look you want to achieve, how much you want to spend and if you have any local codes which may mandate what you use.

  1. Acrylic is the most economical and most widely used synthetic glazing on the market. It is available in tints, is UV resistant and is extensively used in virtually all markets, both north and south, in single or double glazed applications.

  2. Lexan, another synthetic glazing material by General Electric, offers similar characteristics as acrylics with one distinct added benefit, impact resistance against wind-borne debris. Lexan is used in Hurricane Markets. Lexan is also great protection from HAIL and heavy rain.

  3. Glass, laminated glass to be exact, is and has always been been utilized for overhead glazing. Although not available in domes, performance glass, monolithic and insulated, can be used with a variety of enhancements including Low E coatings, reflective coatings, a variety of tints and inert gas fillings. Versatile and durable, many applications may require a glass product which is also used in Hurricane Markets.

  4. Double Glazing: This is always recommended because if the outer lens does fracture or break, this inner lens will keep the weather out until it can be replaced. The double glazing also reduces the noise big-time, from heavy rainstorms.

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We sell skylights direct from the factory at builders prices...Your calls are answered by an experienced salesperson who helps you through the ordering process. Many of our customers are ordering a skylight or roof hatch for the first time and need help in determining what they need and what type of product will best solve their requirements...We know this may be your first order for a product like this and want your experience to be pleasant and the results to be just what you needed. We can only benefit from your satisfaction in purchasing a skylight that works as needed and intended. Are there standard sizes? Yes, BUT we will make custom sizes also, and domes can be tinted, obscure or highly insulated for extreme cold and hot areas. We know skylights. We have with 40+ years of experience in the sales and installation of skylights., 888-640-0850. or 561-565-2556. fax 561-656-2599



A Word or Two About Design Styles

Feb 28, 2012 by BiglarKinyan Design Partnership Inc.

When it comes to renovating the home, most homeowners have difficulty describing the style that they want. With the amount of jargon and the subtle difference between the styles, you'd have to be an architecture historian to tell them apart. The following are brief descriptions of the most popular interior design styles meant to give you an edge in choosing and talking about the styles you like.

Photo Gallery


Modern Classic by BKDP

Feb 28, 2012 by BiglarKinyan Design Partnership Inc.

The new kitchen was a part of a full ground level renovation in a modern classic style. Our goal was to make every elevation, however pragmatic, a balanced visual composition with interesting visual elements.

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kitchen after 1

The Updated Kitchen

Jan 01, 2012 by Clements Interiors

An out-of-date kitchen original to the home needed to be updated to reflect the new homeowners' desire to have a kitchen, which more accurately reflected their need for more storage and larger work surfaces.

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The Evolution of a Dream

Jan 13, 2012 by Dream Kitchens

Stunning all-wood dark cabinets add character and class to any kitchen. New granite countertops and hardwood floors allow the cabinets to stand-out.

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High Efficiency, Dual-Flush Toilets- Warehouse Sale

Jul 10, 2011 by Water Matrix

Tested to ensure optimum flushing performance, the Meridian dual-flush toilet features stylish design with the functionality of an optional 3.5 litre or 6.0 litre flush to meet the demand for reliability and water efficiency for today’s discerning homeowners. Maximize your water savings Minimize your water bill Pay only the HST

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Pure Air™ System

Jun 28, 2011 by Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning

The Pure Air™ system improves air quality throughout your home.

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Original Bayden After Front

Restored Victorian

May 24, 2011 by Bayden Build & Renovate

Giving the house a fresh look while being true to its original look from the 1890’s, this Renovation project has been nominated for the 2011 Cabbagetown Restoration Award.

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Original Kitchen After 1

The Britannia House

May 02, 2011 by Kurmak Builders

A bright new contemporary kitchen with walk-in pantry and skylight – what more could one ask for? How about an additional third bedroom and an addition to the main floor that creates a new master bedroom with an expanded ensuite? This stunning renovation inspires awe and envy.

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Original 1st Fl After

Addition with Accessibility

Mar 23, 2011 by The Construction Group

The home owner wanted to add more square footage to the house and at the same time wanted to ensure that the house would have enhanced accessibility.

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Original Kitchen After 1

A Complex Beauty

Mar 09, 2011 by Latitude

This design-forward kitchen, combining both stunning Marble and Quartz countertops, won an award at the Annual National Design Competition presented by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

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Original 0006

Elegance and Flair

Mar 01, 2011 by Kitchen Magic Custom Refacing & Cabinetry

The upgraded amenities make the kitchen state-of-the-art, yet still provide the warmth of a homey kitchen.