Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Go Tankless! Water Heating so Advanced… it’s Simple

Murphy’s law will prevail and your water heater will die at the most inconvenient time. Like when the weather’s frigid and you’re in the shower! Water heating is the second largest energy user in the home after heating and cooling. Perhaps it’s time to explore energy-efficient tankless technology.

Tankless water heaters provide an endless source of hot water and can cut energy costs up to 30 percent per year if usage remains consistent. Traditional tanks can develop rust and scale build-ups. A tankless unit does not store water so you’ll have fresher, cleaner water. They’re wall mounted and require less space too.

Here are a couple of key factors to ensure your tankless water heater happiness!

  • Choose a plumber that can size the unit to fit your water usage. Things to consider include the output (gallons per minute) of shower heads and appliances that may be running simultaneously. Correct sizing is key!
  • A tankless unit provides endless hot water while reducing energy costs. However, families often extend their shower time which defeats the energy-saving goal. Word of warning for families with teenage daughters!

The plumbing pros at Modern Supply are frequently asked about tankless water heaters and recommend the Navien line for natural or LP gas use. Navien’s new NPE Premium Condensing units are more efficient than non-condensing brands. Installation has been simplified by Navien’s ability to use one-half inch existing gas lines. This makes it an ideal choice for tank replacement.

Without getting too techy, here’s how the Naviens work. Condensation is created inside of the condensing heat exchanger from incoming cold water cooling the hot gases inside the unit. The stainless steel condensing heat exchanger then traps the condensation and uses the heat that would be lost in a non-condensing unit. This results in a 98 percent heating efficiency. Two stainless steel heat exchangers provide longer life expectancy and are highly resistant to corrosion compared to copper heat exchangers. The heat exchangers carry a 15 year warranty.

Navien’s ComfortFlow technology eliminates “cold-water sandwiches” and issues of minimum flow rate. An insulated buffer tank and recirculation pump accelerates hot water delivery.

Mike Brogdon, owner of Brogdon Plumbing comments, “We’ve been installing Navien tankless water heaters since Modern Supply started carrying them. They are easy to install, service and are extremely efficient. We have many satisfied Navien customers.”

For more information about Navien tankless water heaters, stop by one of Modern Supply’s seven locations. Talk with our pros and visit Navien’s web site. You’ll thank yourself when you step into the shower!

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