Why do you need a crystal chandelier?

One of the factors that separate a good design from a bad one is the quality of lighting. This is true especially of interiors. A beautifully designed and executed space can feel dingy and uninteresting, if the lighting design fails.

There is an easy way, to make sure that the lighting is functional at the same time it, enhances the beauty of the space. Once the floor plan is ready on paper, imagine walking through the space with just the light factor in mind. Is there enough ambient light? Has task light been provided wherever necessary? Are the displays given prominence by spot lighting?

This exercise doesn’t have to be restricted to the functional aspect of lighting alone. Imagining light as a beautifying element could create an interesting design. A plain wall could be elevated to a different level altogether by introducing a beautiful designer light fitting. Uplighting, downlighting and concealed lighting are all great at adding to the aesthetics of the space. But if you are looking at transforming the feel of a place entirely, a chandelier would be the best choice.

Chandeliers do a great job of enhancing the beauty of a space. They become the focal point of the design in that space. They also lend a feeling of grandeur instantly. In today's contemporary design style of straight lines, zen and minimalism, a well picked chandelier can provide the much needed relief from austerity. On the other hand, if the chandelier design has to be straight and zen-like in design plenty of options are available in the market.

Chandelier design has come a long way in terms of design and lighting thanks to technological innovations. But the opulence that a crystal chandelier lends to the space is unmatched and cannot be compared with anything else in the market.

From the French kings at the heights of their extravagance, crystal chandeliers have been a preferred choice of the elite. The refraction angles of the light, as it passes through the crystal, create a sparkle that is a sight to behold.

A long crystal chandelier becomes an automatic choice in staircase areas and any double height space. A well picked and centrally placed one in a dining or living space can never go wrong. If it has to be used in a slightly unconventional fashion, it could be placed at one end of the room, with accent on some particular piece of furniture or display. Crystal chandeliers could also be used on either sides of the bed instead of bedside lamps. Though unconventional, this could add an element of interest to the design. Modern designs have a light and dynamic feeling and could be used even in bathrooms and small rooms like the foyer intelligently as the design focus.

The biggest prohibitive factor against the use of crystal chandeliers used to be the cost. But modern day production techniques have made sure that these chandeliers are available at an affordable rate too. So if you have the taste, there is something to fit your pocket and transform your space.

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