7 Great Attic Room Ideas

If we were still in the Edwardian era, lofts and attics would be a hidden and rarely mentioned part of the house. It usually turned into children’s nursery rooms or maids’ dormitories.

But in today’s smaller households, people are starting to build smaller houses and buildings. As such, attics are quickly becoming seen as a way to increase house square footage.

Today, every inch square of living space counts. Oftentimes, attics of large houses are being rented to serve as individual homes.

Attics are convenient dumping spaces for used items our mothers refuse to let go. Old toys, clothes and furniture pieces are intermittently being dumped into that space between your roof and the ceiling.

But clogging that space with things might actually do harm to your roof and diminish the efficiency of your heater or AC. The attic needs space for air to constantly move around, thus helping regulate the temperature. So move all you stuff from the attic and instead, turn that space into something useful.

If you think you can only use your attic as an additional bedroom, think again. Here are some great suggestions for attics with small and limited space.

Fitness Room – Open up the room by installing some skylights or roof windows. You can bring in some exercise equipment, your TV and dance pad, or simply furnish it with soft carpet, ideal for yoga exercises. You can dance away without disturbing your housemates or meditate with enough privacy. Get a good roofer to help you create an open attic layout.

Library – There is no need for much movement in libraries. So you can line up your books, install your computer, put in some cushy chairs, good carpeting and enough lighting. Attics are cozy spaces where you can enjoy privacy, silence and a lot of private time away from the traffic of the main house.

Family Room – Attics are also great family rooms. You can easily create snug spaces that is inviting to all family members by installing the TV, a nice comfy couch, soothing lights, some books and comfortable carpet where kids can play on.

Bathroom – Maximize your “me” time by indulging in a relaxing bath while enjoying the view. Take the best vantage point of your house and create a most relaxing room where you can let your thoughts run, your mind relax, and your body refreshed. This will involve appropriate plumbing and roofing works.

Pool Room– Let the guys have their own space where they can enjoy their beer and toss around green jokes without the fear of offending other people around the house. And what better to equip a guy’s den than adding a pool table and a personal ref to the setting. This will make a lot of husbands or sons happy.

Artist’s/Writer’s Studio- Attics have been artists’ domain even in old days. But instead of making an impoverished artist’s den, create something snug, private and personal. Arrange your easels, tables, platforms, hang in some pictures, open up the roof to let the light in and pipe in some music.

Play Area - Yes, attics are still ideal as play areas for young kids. This is especially helpful during winter months when children are not allowed to play outside. Save your living room from the chaos and provide your kids enough space by simply cleaning up your attic, paint it with bright colors, install soft and comfortable carpeting and put in some skylights to increase lighting.

If you feel like your house is slightly too small, you can quickly leverage your attic space to create the room you crave.

Robert Anderson is an owner at Phoenix Roofing Team. Follow him on Google+ or on Twitter.


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