Taking control of your home security

Full interactive security systems have arrived You arrive at the airport for your weeklong vacation and your heart drops as you realize in a panic that you forgot to activate your alarm system. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could arm it from a distance somehow? Maybe someday in the future you sigh.

Well, the future is now thanks to the latest full control security systems that are making protecting your home and loved ones much easier and more effective while you’re on the go. Imagine the convenience of disarming your alarm system while sitting in your driveway, or checking in on your pet or teenagers while you're out of town? With Reliance Protectron’s new interactive services through www.myprotectron.com and Go Control” system all this is possible and more.

In addition to Protectron’s state-of-the-art monitoring services, with the cutting-edge colour touch-screen interactive Go Control system or other comparable technology, you can monitor your system from anywhere via the web or your smartphone, including arming and disarming it remotely, according to Patrice De Luca, VP of marketing and business development for Reliance Protectron Security Services. “Its powerful functionalities make this the most advanced home-security technology available—and at a very attractive price.”

The myprotectron.com interactive home security services lets you have full control over your system with a wealth of monitoring tools. For example, you can get real-time updates on doors and windows, watch live and recorded video feeds, and review “event histories” for when your kids get home from school or when cleaning or maintenance crews come and go. You can even receive live weather reports 24/7 to gauge if an increase in home temperature is required from your integrated energy management system.

All this control is accessible by logging in to your myprotectron.com account from your personal computer, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone app or any web-enabled device.

The Go Control system requires no landline or Internet connection; instead, the signal from your security system travels wirelessly using a dedicated, encrypted and secure connection. When trouble strikes, it interacts with Protectron’s monitoring centres to send out an immediate response. So unlike traditional security alarm systems that rely on a telephone line, it works in every home and can’t be defeated by a burglar snipping or tampering with the wire.

“The Go Control panel features a state-of-the-art colour touch-screen interface, GSM (cellular) transmitter (radio), integrated two-way voice, along with the built-in Z-Wave RF transmitting protocol, making it the most advanced home-security technology available,” added De Luca.

The system will keep you updated on anything you want to know about the security of your property while you're away with email or text message alerts when specific sensors are activated giving you unprecedented control over the security of your home or business. More information and instructional videos on protecting your home on the go is available online at www.protectron.com.

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Canadian Leader in Electronic Security. Incorporated in 1988 and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Reliance Protectron Security Services is one of Canada’s largest security monitoring and installation companies. It employs over 900 qualified professionals who specialize in the selling, installing, servicing and monitoring of electronic security systems for 340,000 residential, commercial, industrial and wholesale subscribers nationwide.

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