The case of the perfect fit-refacing complements a beautiful countertop

From Kitchen Magic

Project Details:

Refacing Project

Door species: Cherry

Door color: Cordovan on Cherry

Glaze: Sable

Countertop: Existing granite

The problem: Old cabinets offensive next to a beautiful new granite countertop:

The owners of this kitchen were considering remodeling for years. The cabinet style that came with the house-- contemporary, white metal-- just wasn't their style. But they couldn't bring themselves to part with the beautiful granite countertop that came with the kitchen. The homeowners already knew what style they wanted and how much they could afford, and replacing the countertop would have totally blown their budget.

And moving a granite countertop is simply not an option. Granite is a natural stone with natural fissures throughout and would assuredly fracture at its weakest point. Plus, it is tremendously heavy and would take at least five people to lift it-if it could even be removed at all.

The right solution becomes evident:

Price quotes these homeowners had gotten for an all-new kitchen well exceeded their budget and they had barely started! They worried they wouldn't be able to have the look they really wanted, or that they would end up paying much more than they could afford.

Before foregoing that beautiful granite countertop and incurring the cost of a new countertop & cabinets, they decided to do their homework, looked into cabinet refacing--and loved what they found with Kitchen Magic. Turns out, Kitchen Magic's permanent, lifetime warranty cabinet refacing was their perfect solution.

What the homeowner says about their decision to reface

"Cabinet refacing costs fell within my budget. I was so excited to learn that we could have exactly the look we wanted! The affordability gave me room to play and be creative, allowing me to make the choices I really wanted. And the granite could stay so we could have all the bells and whistles of a new kitchen for about half the cost." said the homeowner.

"I didn't really want to change the layout of my kitchen." (Most homeowners don't.) "Since I liked the placement of my cabinets, cabinet refacing was the perfect option. We didn't have to gut our existing cabinets, or worry about dumping them in a landfill. I try to be as green as I can, and there wasn't anything wrong with my cabinets, so it would have been a shame to waste them."


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