Painting Your Kitchen: Tips and Techniques

Haven’t got the appetite for painting your kitchen? Follow this advice and you’ll have a recipe for success in updating one of your home’s most frequently used rooms:

Preparation is Key

Before anything else, survey the existing paint in your kitchen. It’s important to know what kind of paint is already on your walls. If the original paint is oil-based, you’ll need a high-adhesion latex primer before you can apply more environmentally-friendly latex paints. Keep in mind that with today’s advanced, scrubbable latex paints, there’s no need to use oil-based products in the kitchen. Preparation also includes looking for holes or scratch marks in the walls, which need to be filled and sanded before paint is applied. Ensure traces of mildew are removed from surfaces using a solution of bleach and water, or other appropriate cleanser. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry. When painting cabinetry, all handles and hardware should be removed before starting your paint job.

Choose the Right Finish

With your kitchen being one of the highest traffic – and most grime-collecting – areas in your home, it’s important to choose a paint that is both stain-resistant and washable. Semi-gloss and gloss paints are recommended for kitchens due to their durability and shine. If you prefer a lower sheen, however, there are eggshell finishes that perform like a semi gloss, which is an excellent choice for the kitchen due to its superior stain-resistance and washability.

Prime the Area to be Painted

For a long-lasting paint job, priming the area to be painted is recommended. Before applying a primer, all surfaces should be cleaned and lightly sanded to ensure good adhesion. Keep in mind that not all primers are created equal, so it’s important to pick the right one for your space. Look for super-adherent products that make it easy to cover previously enameled or varnished surfaces. Primers that have stain-blocking properties to cover existing stains are also available. There are even primers that cover steel or iron, if needed, which can feature anti-rust inhibitors.

Use Specially-Designed Kitchen Paints

Steam and moisture build-up is common in kitchens, making it important to consider paints which address this problem.

Match the Color to the Room

There are no rules when it comes to choosing kitchen paint, but popular colors – which are known to create a cheery atmosphere or increase appetites – include sunny yellow, peach, terra cotta, or citrus lime green. Classic black and white is another stylish backdrop, especially with white appliances and fixtures.

Think Outside the Walls

With paint being the least expensive decorating tool, why not use it creatively for a more complete kitchen makeover? In addition to walls and ceilings, cabinets, countertops, backsplash and range hoods are all good candidates for a fresh coat of paint. When painting these features of the kitchen, it is important to use paint which has superior adhesion qualities. Avoid painting stoves, sinks or tile floors.

This article was provided by Para Paints. Many of Para’s products exhibit the qualities described above. PARA’s Ultra Platinum Plus Kitchen & Bath Enamel #4200, for example, has a pearl finish (a sheen between a semi gloss and eggshell) and has a durable and mildew-resistant formulation to control future growth of surface mold and mildew in high humidity areas. For more tips and techniques on painting your kitchen, please talk to your local PARA dealer, visit or call 1-800-461-PARA. image from

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Para Paint manufactures and distributes a premium quality line of architectural paints, stains, and varnishes. Supplying the contract, maintenance, design and consumer markets, Para is available through independent paint and wallpaper specialists. These independent retailers can provide the right choice of product, expertise, knowledge and access to painting and decorating services to complete your next decorating project. For more information about Para or our retailers visit or call 1-800-461-7272.

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