2010-2011 Colour Forecast

Move over neutral colour schemes. More lively hues will be making a comeback in home décor in 2010-2011 and it's all about using colour as a mood-lifter in the midst of challenging times, says leading Canadian paint brand Sico Paints.

"During the past years, Canadians have opted for comforting, warm neutrals like browns and beiges as a result of an uncertain economic, political and environmental climate, but now people have had enough with doom and gloom and are looking for a change, a new beginning," says Stéphanie Pelland, Marketing Communication Manager for the Sico brand and member of the international colour forecaster Color Marketing Group. "In 2010-2011, we'll see a trend toward consumers choosing livelier colours to reflect their optimism in their quest for a brighter future."

Colourful hues such as deep reds and purples, vivid blues and greens, pigment-infused pastels such as baby blues and pinks, and earthy golds and clays will be among the new colours featured in next year's palette. As the year unfolds, Pelland says more energetic colours will be used as a complement to neutral colours - particularly grey, from silver to deep slate - to give the neutrals a lift. 3

According to the company's research, the 2010-2011 palette will be divided into four themes, "reflecting different values and attitudes that have emerged in today's society, largely as a result of people looking for a fresh start and new direction from the challenging times we have been experiencing," says Pelland. Sico's 2010-2011 colour groupings include:

Back to Basics: Representing the growing population that is finding refuge in a return to the simplicity and tradition of the past, this rural-inspired theme features down-to-earth mid-tones in gold, plum, green moss, teal and red clay. Think home-made bread, farmer's markets, medicinal flowers, wooden furniture, and natural dyes - a deliberate move away from today's fast-paced and material world. The timeless authentic look of this palette represents a reclamation of a balanced lifestyle, deep-rooted home and family values, and confidence in a stable and sustainable tomorrow. 2 Free Expression: Exuding a sense of optimism, individuality, rebellion and freedom, this theme is reflected in the 2010-2011 colour palette through creative colour combinations. This palette is representative largely of young people who use social media and other creative means to express themselves in an effort to contribute to a better world. It translates into unique colour mixes, including intense purple combined with acidic yellow and ocean blue, as well as sunny orange with dark red and a soft neutral. Added to this decor of unconventional colour blends will be the use of mismatched patterns, styles and materials.

Classic Revival: This warm, feminine group of colours invokes images of décor elements that are rich in history. Imagine needlework, appliqués and period furniture like Louis XV chairs that are being revisited by designers with a contemporary twist. Representative of those who look to reclaim history as a way to reshape the future and better understand where we find ourselves today, this theme is reassuring, comforting and emits an air of soft elegance. Highlighted by ash-like purple, antique pink and gold, the classic palette is enlivened and made more contemporary by the addition of deeper colours like pewter grey, bronze green and lacquer reds.

1 Synthetic Culture: This theme features dynamic, energetic colours, representing consumers' growing appreciation of the artificial elements around us. Recognizing our planet's depleting resources, society has been forced to merge science with art and experiment with unnatural, engineered materials in creative ways, and this theme celebrates these innovations. Its acid-fresh palette features lively purples as well as pulsating pinks, yellows and blues. Radiating an air of fantasy, happiness and a love of life, it mirrors the popularity of unique synthetic, futuristic home products that feature ultra-smooth lines and curves and explode with clean chroma.

"Each of these themes features hues that emit emotional energy and optimism - a detox from the gloominess that has been undermining our spirits," Pelland said. "Used on their own or merged together, the 2010-2011 colours reflect the diverse outlooks of today's consumers and deliver a refreshing change and renewed attitude on life."

This article was provided by Sico Paints, a division of AkzoNobel, the Canadian leader in decorative paints serving the consumer, professional renovation and construction markets. Dedicated to delivering high performance solutions and quality products, AkzoNobel has unrivalled technical expertise that meets the current and future needs of its customers. For more information about Sico's colour trends for 2010-2011 or to view the emerging colour combinations online, visit www.sico.ca. Images courtesy of Sico Paints.


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