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7 Great Attic Room Ideas

Jan 30, 2013

Today, every inch square of living space counts. Oftentimes, attics of large houses are being rented to serve as individual homes. Attics are convenient dumping spaces for used items our mothers refuse to let go. Old toys, clothes and furniture pieces are intermittently being dumped into that space between your roof and the ceiling.



A Space for Those Who Live at the Office

Sep 20, 2012 by MeCC Interiors

For those who live, eat, sleep, breathe their work, London- and Berlin-based architects Nilsson Pflugfelder have introduced Verbandkammer, a spaceship-like, customizable workspace / artist’s residence.



Tips for Choosing a Fountain to Decorate Your Office

Aug 31, 2012 by Office Decor Pros

As you may already know, the decision to add a fountain to your office is a very wise one. Not only are water features beautiful pieces of art, they make a work space healthier and more comfortable. That being said, picking one out can be unbelievable challenging. If there seems to be a never-ending supply of styles, that is because there really is. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take these simple tips into consideration during the shopping process.



Use Aquariums When Creating Feng Shui At The Office

Jul 16, 2012 by Office Decor Pros

Creating harmony in a work environment is the ultimate goal of using feng shui at the office. Feng shui can help promote positive energy while quelling negative energy, and when employees have a better sense of well-being, productivity will increase. It can be easy to use feng shui simply by arranging office equipment and furniture, including plants and office aquariums.