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Asked by: haleyterry on Jun 06, 2013
when i turn the pump on, the filter expands where the filter controls (value) meets the filter, why is this??

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hot shot heater by laars

Asked by: rgardne on Aug 30, 2012
Answered by: rgardne
how far does the 100,000 btu unit need to be from structure?

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Asked by: touchofclass1 on Jun 01, 2012
how do I install a pool liner (best method)

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DIY Pool Installatiion

Asked by: t-hamel on May 30, 2012
How difficult is it fo ra home owner to install an in-ground vinyl pool?

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Asked by: happy-817 on Jul 18, 2011
how deep does the whole for a 12x18x52 pool have to be

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converting fresh water abov...

Asked by: bearcove on Jul 12, 2011
We use a filter system rather than sand. Can I use that still if I switch to salt water?