Reflection Creek Wall Fountain

This Reflection Creek wall fountain is a highly artistic fountain that you can mount on any wall in your home. At the base of the unit, there are gorgeous river rocks to add to the atmosphere of the fountain. There are different color frames you can choose from, and the fountain comes complete with water flow controls. If you want to adjust the speed at which the water travels through the fountain, you can easily do it in only a few seconds. This fountain is 27 inches high by 38 inches wide and 5 inches deep, and weighs 80 pounds, without water.

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Different Styles of Outdoor Fountains

Oct 16, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

Most people shopping for outdoor fountains for the first time are not prepared for the vast selection that is available. If this sounds like you, then you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, but also really excited. If you haven’t started shopping yet, then you may want to have a general idea of what is actually available, so you can get a better idea of what you should be looking for to complement your space.

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6’ Stainless Gardenfall Fire Fountain

Oct 15, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

According to feng shui practitioners, fire and water combined in a space naturally create positive energy. If you don’t have room for a fountain and a fireplace, now you can have both rolled up in one dynamic piece or art. This 6’ Stainless Gardenfall Fire Fountain is a showstopper!

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Harmony River Floor Fountain – Center Mount

Aug 31, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

It is hard to look at the Harmony River Floor Fountain-Center Mount and not immediately picture it somewhere in your home or office. With its significant size, simple style and choice of frame finishes, this is a water feature that will look dynamic anywhere, and since it does feature a center mount; it can be enjoyed from any angle.



A Thorough Guide to Cast Stone Fountains

Aug 31, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

Cast stone fountains have quickly become the preferred choice for many consumers for a long list of reasons. For some, their decision is based purely on appearance. This is a fantastic material to work with, and can therefore be made into an array of shapes. However, there are others who appreciate other benefits and advantages that this practical, yet stunning material has to offer.

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Fountain Stains And Algae Are No Big Deal With Duo Protec And Fountec

Jul 16, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

Every fountain requires a certain amount of maintenance regardless of its size and location. Debris and algae can build up quickly, but it is just as easy to keep your fountain clean with some diligence and a little help from the right materials. Protec and Fountec, two fountain cleaning solutions, are widely recommended by fountain owners to prevent the growth of algae, promote clean water and remove most stains from a fountain.

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The Sunrise Springs Water Fountain

Jul 09, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

The Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountain is a great design for any office space and home that is looking for a lovely water feature.



Different styles of indoor fountains

Jul 03, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

Buying an indoor water fountain or your home or business is an instant way of introducing a soothing element to the atmosphere of any area you choose. Indoor fountains, while mainly purchased for their looks and sounds, also work as mini humidifiers. Just like expensive humidifiers, interior fountains introduce water into the air, and allow your skin to stay soft while increasing the breath ability of the air.



Logo Water Fountains – Powerful Marketing Tools

May 15, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

Quite often, the most subtle and unexpected acts and items can make the most powerful marketing tools. A business that helps out during a crisis is often the buzz of a city for a while. This same type of concept applies to logo water fountains. These beautiful pieces of art have a way of leaving a lasting impression, without looking like you are actually advertising.



A Word or Two About Design Styles

Feb 28, 2012 by BiglarKinyan Design Partnership Inc.

When it comes to renovating the home, most homeowners have difficulty describing the style that they want. With the amount of jargon and the subtle difference between the styles, you'd have to be an architecture historian to tell them apart. The following are brief descriptions of the most popular interior design styles meant to give you an edge in choosing and talking about the styles you like.

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Modern Classic by BKDP

Feb 28, 2012 by BiglarKinyan Design Partnership Inc.

The new kitchen was a part of a full ground level renovation in a modern classic style. Our goal was to make every elevation, however pragmatic, a balanced visual composition with interesting visual elements.