POWER-SAVE - Power-Save Grid-Tied Solar 2000 SYSTEM 2KW (SOLAR-2kw)

POWER-SAVE - Power-Save Grid-Tied Solar 2000 SYSTEM 2KW (SOLAR-2kw)

Power-Save Grid-Tied Solar Systems.

Grid tied systems do not use batteries! The panels work by producing DC power during sunlight hours and converting it to AC power through an inverter. The inverter then feeds the load required by the home, before pushing the remaining AC power through a "net meter" out to the grid.

Net meters are provided by your utility company when you install the system. The net meter is a bi-directional electric meter that spins forward as usual when you are using more power in your home than you are producing with your panels (at night, for instance), and spins BACKWARD when you are producing more electricity than you are using in your home. This is how you generate credits with your utility!

Power-Save Solar Systems come with everything that you need except installation costs, wire and an electrical disconnect switch


12 - 170 Watt PV Panels, 2040 Peak Watts (UL Listed and CEC Listed) 1 - Flush Mount Roof Racking System 1 - 2000 PV Powered High Efficiency Inverter (UL Listed and CEC Listed) Kit include racking system, inverter, and 1-PS1200

No returns unless original box has not been damaged or opened 25 year manufacturers warranty on panels 10 year manufacturers warranty on inverter

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