Q-See QT4516-659-1C 16-ch Real-Time DVR 1TB HDD 16 High-Resolution 600TVL Cameras

Q-See QT4516-659-1C 16-ch Real-Time DVR 1TB HDD 16 High-Resolution 600TVL Cameras

Key Features:

  • 16 Channel Real-time Recording DVR with HDMI & VGA output
  • 1 TB Hard Drive Included
  • PC & MAC Remote Viewing Compatible
  • iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry Viewing via Free App
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with 650 lines of resolution, 65 Ft night vision
  • 15 Weatherproof bullet cameras with 600 lines of resolution, 120 Ft Night vision
  • Cable included for each camera

This system has everything you need to watch over your loved ones and protect your property. The 15 weatherproof bullet cameras give you flexibility for placement almost anywhere while the PTZ camera allows you to cover a large area on its own. Connect the DVR to an HDMI or VGA ready monitor or television to view all the video feeds simultaneously, individually or a few at a time – even while controlling the PTZ camera. All the while, your DVR will be recording events at a real-time, continuous rate of 30 frames per second per channel.

The pre-installed 1 terabyte hard drive can retain hours of video. Upgrade the hard drive to 2 terabytes to expand your storage, and depending on your preferences, the system can be set to record only when motion is detected, eliminating the need to sift through hours of footage to find a specific event. The DVR also allows you to easily save any important video to a removable USB drive for storage or playback on a computer.

In addition to being able to control and monitor your system on-site, the QT4516 DVR is easy to access remotely, whether over the Internet or on any of the supported mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile Pro & 7 and BlackBerry devices. Whether you are across town or on the other side of the planet, you can receive e-mail alerts notifying you of detected events. Log into your system via Q-See mobile apps on your WiFi, 3 or 4G or computer to check in on your family or employees. Q-See’s free software even allows you to control the PTZ camera from your PC or Macintosh computer or mobile device. You can also save critical events onto your computer for added security.

As the long-running leader in innovation, Q-See believes in making superior surveillance technology affordable and easy to use. Our online knowledge base is ready to help you 24/7 and our tech support staff is available to help you online or over the phone. Q-See is the trusted leader in surveillance solutions for home and business environments, offering Peace of Mind Anywhere, Anytime.


COMBINATION CIF & D1 RECORDING RESOLUTION The QT4516 surveillance system captures video in real-time D1 704x480 recording resolution on 2 channels, and full real-time CIF 352x240 recording resolution on 14 channels. Real-time D1 video can be useful for the recognition and identification of people and objects.

HIGH-RESOLUTION CAMERAS 1 Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ): The included Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera features a full 360° horizontal rotation and a 90° tilt. It delivers high-quality images at 650 TV Lines of resolution in daylight and low-light situations as low as 0 lux, while also incorporating automatic focus and light levels. The zoom lens adjusts from a wide-angle 5mm to a tight 15mm range so you can capture the complete area and also essential details. The camera is easily controlled using the buttons on the front panel of the DVR, through the on-screen control interface or with the included remote control. The DVR comes pre-configured to control the PTZ camera - just connect and select the camera’s cruise points. The included wall-mounting brackets provides added flexibility in positioning the camera to achieve the best viewing angle – from on a horizontal, vertical or overhead surface.

15 Bullet Style Cameras: The weatherproof cameras included in this bundle deliver an impressive 600 TV lines of resolution and can capture the action day or night thanks to the 42 infrared LEDs surrounding each lens which invisibly illuminate the area up to 120 feet away. Each camera comes equipped with a three-axis mounting brackets which enable you to position every camera for optimal surveillance while also protecting the combined power and video cable from intentional or accidental damage.

Q-SEE MOBILE APPS With our latest mobile app “Q-See QT View” for iPhone/iPad, and Android, Q-See puts the power of peace-of-mind literally at your fingertips. Check in on your property, business or loved ones anywhere, at any time. Receive instant e-mail alerts and see what’s going on with the swipe of a finger. View live feeds from cameras simultaneously, or review video recorded on your DVR. The “Q-See QT View” mobile app takes full advantage of touch-screen technology to allow you to add or change video feeds, play back video or even control a pan-tilt-zoom camera with finger gestures. You can even take still images and save them on your phone or send them as e-mail attachments. With “Q-See QT View” on your smartphone, you’re never out of touch. Get the most out of your system by being able to check in on the road – no computer required!


Thinking of expanding your security system or needing to monitor a separate location? Q-See offers its free Central Management System (CMS) for its QT-series DVRs. This Q-See exclusive, advantageous feature allows you to access multiple same-series DVRs within your network or through the Internet. If you have two or more same-series DVRs in various locations (home office/business site, multiple retail sites, regional locations, etc.) you can conveniently view up to 100 or more cameras on one single screen. Additionally, up to 10 users can remotely log into the DVR at the same time and dual-stream technology allows for easier internet access with lower bandwidths.

  • Connect up to 100 DVRs, or up to 2000 cameras.
  • To identify if you have "Same-series" DVRs, the family of QT-Series DVRs include QT428, QT528, QT504, QT4532, QT426 etc....

DVR FEATURES CIF/D1 RECORDING RESOLUTION (IMAGE QUALITY & FRAMES PER SECOND) Your Q-See QT4516 DVR records at both CIF and D1 recording resolution. CIF resolution provides real-time recording and smooth, continuous video playback [30 frames per second per channel (480 frames per second total) / Playback resolution: 352x240]. While D1 records at a real-time resolution on TWO channels, or a non-continuous, slower frame per second on all channels. Setting the DVR to D1 recording resolution provides a larger video image size, which can be useful for the recognition and identification of people and objects [120 frames per second total / Playback resolution: 704x480]. Choose any combination of CIF and D1 to customize each camera to capture video that is best suited to your needs.

HARD DRIVE SIZE Record and store video footage on the pre-installed 1 terabyte hard drive. The amount of footage that you can save on the hard drive before needing to over-write footage will depend on the recording and resolution settings you select. This system can support a hard drive up to 2 Terabytes (SATA)

FOUR RECORDING MODES Select from 4 different recording modes:

  • Advanced Motion Detection: Advanced motion detection settings help to minimize false alarms. The easy-to-use motion detection set-up screen allows you to mask out certain areas which frequently experience heavy movement in order to avoid false alarms and unnecessary triggers.
  • Time-Schedule: Record based on a pre-set schedule that you choose depending on your needs. For example, only at night, only during office hours or only during non-business hours.
  • Alarm Sensor Trigger: Only records when the alarm sensor has been triggered. (Alarm sensor not included.)
  • Manual: When set to manual, the system will record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or until you manually turn it off.

THREE VIEWING MODES Select from 3 different viewing modes:

  • Single Cam: Display 1 camera at a time
  • 1, 4, 8, or 16 Cam: Display up to all 16 cameras at once on a split screen
  • Timed Auto-Sequence: Display a timed-auto sequence, which shows each camera for a few seconds and rotates the view through all cameras one at a time.


Quickly find previously recorded video by searching in one of three ways:

  • Time: search video within a specific time frame
  • Motion Detection Event: search video by occurrences of motion
  • Alarm Triggered Event: search video by items that triggered an alert

MULTI-TASKING FUNCTIONALITY The multi-tasking feature allows multiple functions to occur on the system at one time: record video, watch live video or playback video, while also monitoring and managing the system remotely, and backing up files.


  • Remote monitoring from Macintosh or PC computers connected to the Internet
  • Free “Q-See QT View” app for iPhone and “Q-See QT View HD” for iPad available from Apple’s AppStore
  • Free “Q-See QT View” for Android phones and “Q-See QT View HD” for Android tablets available from Android Market
  • Free “SuperCam” app for Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile Pro, BlackBerry and Symbian phones included on CD
  • Compatible operating systems: Mac OSX 10.6 and 10.7, Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Compatible Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 7-9, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari 5.0/5.1
  • FreeCentral Management System (CMS) software - included on CD – allows you to monitor your DVR regardless of browser, and connect multiple QT Series DVR’s together
  • Remotely monitor 24/7 worldwide using high-speed Internet
  • Q-See’s Free MyQ-See.com Dynamic DDNS allows you to access your DVR remotely using a convenient URL instead of a complicated – and sometimes changing – IP address
  • Receive instant email alerts and snapshot images when motion is detected, an alarm is triggered, video loss occurred or other events
  • Up to 10 users can simultaneously log into the DVR with dual-stream technology allowing for easier Internet access even on low-bandwidth connections

CONVENIENT BACKUP Backup video files from the surveillance system to a PC, Flash Drive or USB Hard Drive in order to free-up space for new video while retaining important footage.

H.264 COMPRESSION H.264 Compression minimizes file size in order to maximize the recording time, which also allows you to efficiently store as well as transfer video smoothly for viewing over the internet.

CONNECT HDMI or VGA Monitor/Television Display on any 19” or larger TV or Monitor (1 HDMI output, 1 VGA output, 1 BNC output, 1 BNC spot out,). The system supports multiple VGA resolution settings: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1920x1080.

NAVIGATION MENUS The user-friendly interface, along with the accompanying mouse and remote control, make moving through the program menus a breeze.

UNIVERSAL PLUG AND PLAY (UPnP) UPnP, is a new network protocol that is designed to allow easier connections of networked devices such as computers, mobile devices and network-capable security DVRs. Q-See has incorporated UPnP technology into this DVR to allow them to automatically – and seamlessly interact with other devices on the network - without the need for special software or time-consuming configuration routines. If your router is UPnP-capable, Q-See’s DVRs are ready to go to work!


Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera: High quality video using 1/3” Sony Exview HAD CCD-II coupled with Sony Effio-E digital signal processor to produce 650 TV lines or resolution.

  • High-Resolution: 650 TV Lines (976x494 Pixels)
  • Pan Rotation: 0° to 360° (horizontal)
  • Tilt Rotation: 0° to 90° (vertical)
  • Pan/Tilt Speed: Approx 13° per second
  • Image Sensor: Color 1/3" Sony Exview HAD CCD-II,
  • Digital Signal Processor: Sony Effio-E
  • Ability to control the Zoom Lens: 5mm-15mm (wide to zoom)
  • Optical Zoom: 3x
  • Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux
  • Night Vision Range: Approximately 65 feet (night vision in black and white, day mode in color)
  • Infrared LEDs: 12
  • Weatherproof IP66: Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Baud Rate: 1200 / 2400 / 4800 / 9600 bps
  • 128 Preset Positions: 80 preset positions and 48 special function settings
  • Programmable Cruise Pattern: Save 16 positions with pauses between 5-60 seconds
  • White Balance: Auto
  • Back Light Compensation: Auto
  • Operation Temperature: -14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
  • Installation: Ceiling or wall (mounting brackets included)
  • PTZ Material: Metal
  • PTZ Cable Type: 100 Ft. All-in-one Video, Power, and Data Cable
  • Protocol: Pelco-D and Pelco-P

Bullet 600 TV Line Resolution Cameras:

  • Premium Resolution: 600 TV Line High-Resolution
  • 1/3” sensors with enhanced infrared cut filters: Allows for a higher quality picture, accurate colors, and better image quality than most standard surveillance cameras.
  • Night Vision: Up to 120 Ft. in the dark with 42 infrared LEDs (night vision appears in B&W, day viewing in color)
  • Weatherproof Cameras: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Cables: 60 Ft. cable included with each camera (Extensions available if needed.)
  • Lens: 5.0mm lens providing a 50°-55° radius of field of view
  • Theft-Deterrent Mounting Brackets: Flexible 3-Axis brackets allow for more precise positioning of the cameras, while guiding the cables directly through the camera brackets to reduce the threat of vandalism to the cameras. The mounting brackets are capable of accommodating a variety of surfaces and angles.


  • DVR supports RS-485 compliant Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras with 255 presets and 8 cruise settings
  • DVR supports four audio channels (audio cameras or microphones not included)
  • DVR Inputs/Outputs:
  • Video: 16 BNC inputs /1 HDMI Output, 1 VGA output, 1 BNC output
  • Audio: 4/1 (Audio mic/cameras not included)
  • Two USB 2.0 ports for USB mouse and USB back-up drive connectivity
  • DVR Power Supply: 12V/3A
  • DVR Operating Temperature: 50°-104°F
  • Camera Power Supply: 12V
  • Camera Operating Temperatures: 14°-122°F at 95% humidity


  • 1-year Q-See Warranty & Lifetime Technical Support
  • 16-Channel H.264 DVR with 1 Terabyte Hard Drive (QT4516-1)
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera with night vision (QD6531Z)
  • (15) Weatherproof bullet cameras with 3-Axis Brackets (QM6006B)
  • (1) 100 Ft. All-in-one Video, Power, and Data Cable for PTZ Camera
  • (15) 60ft Cable for flexible installation
  • (4) 4-way/3-way camera power adapters for efficient installation
  • USB Mouse and Remote Control
  • CD-Rom with Remote Viewing Software and Manuals
  • Power supply for DVR
  • RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
  • BNC to RCA adapter

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