Don’t spend another dollar on expensive home improvement projects until you’ve learned more about the impact of far infrared heating...

BioSmart Technologies specializes in air purification and far infrared heating technology. It is based near Seattle, where it provides full service and support from its own fulfillment center.

Our BioSmart® Therapeutic Ceramic Far Infrared In-Wall Heating System offers the most efficient and safest way to bring soft, comfortable, and therapeutic, far-infrared heat into your home.

Say goodbye to central heating furnaces that burn up oxygen and dry out the air and say hello to comfort. The BioSmart® Therapeutic Ceramic Infrared In-Wall Heating System uses patented far-infrared heating technology to warm your home or office. Far-infrared heat penetrates the water molecules in the air to provide soft, comfortable heat, and is also the most efficient way to convert electrical energy into heat. Infrared heat stays evenly distributed and is retained longer in the room without dissipating as compared to conventional heating sources. Ceramic infrared heaters are almost 100% efficient at converting clean electrical energy into clean radiant infrared heat.

BioSmart is a USA owned Washington Corporation with co-manufacturing facilities in Washington, Taiwan and China. All of our distribution and marketing is 100% USA owned and controlled. Over 70% of your purchase price stays in the USA and provides jobs to USA workers in our distribution network of over 1,000 dealers nation-wide.


Headquartered in Yelm, Washington, BioSmart Technologies continues to advance technology in efficient heating. BioSmart Technologies has developed earth-friendly, green technology products that benefit mankind and the environment.

Commitment to Innovation and Quality

A leader in the infrared technology industry, BioSmart Technologies sets the standard for providing quality, high-efficiency far infrared heaters, empowering people to take control of their heating bills. BioSmart Technologies' full line of BioSmart® and CZ Infrared™ quartz and ceramic far infrared heaters for commercial and residential applications is helping thousands worldwide meet the challenges of heating their living and work spaces comfortably without paying exorbitant prices for fuel. BioSmart Technologies believes the infrared technology in the BioSmart® far infrared heater represents the most advanced quartz infrared technology available.

Environmental Leadership

BioSmart Technologies' environmental work is based on the efforts to advance clean and efficient technologies while continuing to develop and improve emerging technologies. Our technologies save up to 50% on your energy bills, produces clean heat without adding pollutants to the environment, and reduces landfill waste by manufacturing a patented, long-lasting infrared tube.

International Dealer Network

BioSmart Technologies trains dealers and Account Executives worldwide, conducting in-depth business management and technical service seminars. These ongoing training programs give you the assurance that when you buy a BioSmart® or CZ Infrared™ product, you are doing business with knowledgeable professionals.

Address: 18324 Cook Road SE, Ste 1 Yelm, Washington 98597

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Happy New Year from BioSmart Solutions! Make this year's resolution different. Take back control of your heating bills!

Jan 18, 2012 by BioSmart Technologies

If you are looking to save money on your heating bills, or if you suffer from ailments that are aggravated by a polluted environment, we have the solution. BioSmart® infrared heaters and air purifiers are the solution for your heating and air purification needs. You will find unsurpassed quality and performance in our patented line of far infrared portable heaters and advanced air purifiers.