At Chandelier Warehouse, we specialize in crystal chandeliers, dining room chandeliers, pendant lights, island lights, wall sconces, and light fixtures of all sorts. What's more, we offer the best price you'll find anywhere for high-quality lighting fixtures and the best customer service in the industry. We're here seven days a week from 7 am. to 7 p.m. to answer any questions you might have. We're sure that we can help you find the chandelier collection that's right for you!

Contemporary Chandeliers and so much more

If you are looking for a foolproof method to add character, sophistication, and illumination to your home, consider the beauty of chandeliers! A modern chandelier has the power to transform a room: traditional Wrought iron chandeliers might add a classic vintage charm to your dining area, while a modern chandelier with a silver finish might contribute a hip, industrial appeal. But chandeliers are more than just an aesthetically attractive piece of furniture. As lighting fixtures, they offer lots of function to go with their good looks. When contemplating which chandelier to purchase, consumers should not ignore analyzing the kind of lighting effect they would like to accomplish.

Accent lighting: Chandeliers or pendant lights with spotlights and down lights are the best way to illuminate particular objects or accent certain areas of a room. Down lights can accent a tabletop or other surface. Spotlights are a great strategy to for bringing out the full beauty of special works of art. We offer many types of traditional and contemporary chandeliers and pendant lights that will help you achieve this effect.

Diffused lighting: Many people find the glare of bright lights uncomfortable and instead opt to use diffused lighting in the home. Up lights found on a chandelier are an effective way to achieve diffused lighting. Instead of the light shining straight on surfaces and people, it will bounce off the ceiling or walls where it gets diffused and emits a warm glow. Selecting an iron or glass chandelier with shades will further help to filter the light down and reduce glare.

Ambient lighting: When going for general, ambient lighting, purchase a large chandelier, which has open lights and numerous bulbs. The chandelier will light an entire room.

For traditional chandeliers intended to hang above dining tables, take into consideration how the dining experience will be affected. Dining room chandeliers that throw bright light straight down onto a person’s face while they are eating will cast unflattering shadows and create glare. Similarly, bare bulbs shining down from a too-low chandelier can uncomfortably heat up a dining area.

For the best results in a medium to generous dining space, aim for a chandelier with 200-400 total wattage spread among the light bulbs. This means whether your chandelier has 2, 4, 7, or more bulbs, the wattage should end up totaling between 200-400 watts depending on how intense you want the lighting effect. Always follow guidelines and select the correct intensity for the bulbs.

Depending on what you have in mind, your list of requirements for the perfect chandelier is most likely growing. Luckily, at Chandelier Warehouse, we offer the widest possible selection of chandeliers and lighting fixtures – we’re sure you’ll find one to perfectly fit your desires! Whether you’re looking for a traditional crystal chandelier, a contemporary glass chandelier, or a classic bronze or iron chandelier, let our representatives help you find the perfect selection – along with other fixtures that will complement your chandelier and extend its style throughout your home.

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