Ez Instant Makeover was born over 10 years ago after Amber Perry Shank suddenly became a single mom of 3.

Spending most of their time in the kitchen with 2 growing boys she wanted to update her kitchen, but had little money and tons of ideas. Wanting the look of real stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops, but couldn't afford it, Amber started to research and develop the concept of innovative vinyl films to apply to give the look and feel of real stainless steel, and granite.

Finding that Contact Paper was the only thing on the market close to the concept that she was looking for, she began working with several factories and came up with Ez Instant Makeover Films, a fiber optic vinyl "self adhesive" product. Amber's first product was a Stained Glass Window Film. Then she developed Ez Faux Stainless Steel Film, and eventually moved forward to Ez Faux Granite, Ez Faux Chalkboard, Ez Faux Woods and many other EzFauxDecor Films.

Ez Instant Makeover has been featured in TV shows, movie sets, magazines and catalogs. Here are the most recent tv shows and movie sets our products have appeared on: The Rachael Ray Show, Restaurant Impossible, Today Show, Bathtastic, HGTV, DIY Network's "I Want That", Men in Black, HBO Homeland, and Weeds.

The Ez Faux Stainless Steel film was taken by storm when launched on QVC in 2006. The public started to realize you can get the look and feel of real stainless steel for a fraction of the price. Simply peel the backing off of this product, and stick it onto the surface of your outdated appliances to give them to look of stainless steel.

Ez Faux Granite film will give your kitchen and bathroom counters the look of granite for a fraction of the price. This product is applied over existing counters - no remodeling needed!

Finally, our Ez Faux Chalkboard is applied to any smooth surface to turn it into a real working chalkboard! This is great for pantries to jot down a quick shopping list, or when used on a wall or fridge it can be used to write notes to family. There are endless possibilities!

We are still growing and have several new and exciting products on the horizon. Be sure to join our facebook page, follow us on twitter, and view our pictures on pinterest.

Address: 6417 W 125th

Overland park, KS 66209

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