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HomeShield Security Systems is a home security company that offers innovative technology at an affordable price. All of our systems are 100% wireless and feature Advanced Cellular Technology, which means no home phone lines for thieves to cut. We offer many different types of sensors you can add to your system to protect your family from fires, carbon monoxide, floods and more, as well as cameras. With our innovative touch screen keypad our system is very simple to use for any age group. Visit our website today to see how you can get a top of the line security system without breaking the bank.

Our Goal

At HomeShield our goal is to offer state of the art alarm systems to our customers at an affordable price. With the security industry becoming more and more inflated we want to offer a product that is top of the line but yet also affordable. We feel everyone deserves the peace of mind of having a monitored security system.

How do we offer Security at such an affordable rate?

We took the overinflated security industry and cut out all of the middlemen. We offer our systems solely over the internet to customers in a simplified Do-it-Yourself installation package. This eliminated the need for salesman, installers or service technicians, so we took those savings and passed them straight down to our customers. It's just that simple, innovative technology at affordable prices is what HomeShield is all about.

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