1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will fall this year. Seabridge Bathing makes bathing or showering safe for seniors, the disabled, and anyone who has difficulty getting in and out of a traditional bathtub or shower.

Made in North America since 1999, Seabridge Bathing manufactures and installs walk-in bathtubs, wheelchair-accessible baths, step-in and roll-in showers, and bath lifts. Our 2 day tub or shower remodel will get you bathing safely again, and keep you in your home.

The same quality tubs are installed in residences, hospitals and assisted living facilities, and ADA compliant accessories are standard.

Take care of yourself or your loved ones before accidents happen. Helping you regain your ability to bathe independently and stay in your home is what we do.


Dear Seabridge, I really must comment that from the initial Internet experience to the final retail experience was the best ever that I have experienced. Such fine folks! How would I rate the overall experience with Seabridge? A+++ From Tony Hogan to the superb installation experience of Jason, what a pleasure to have him in-house. [My bathing experience] was made easier by the security of the double drains, the option of shower or bath, the finish of the product, the thoughtful detailing... ... there are two friends (neighbors) that may be contacting you in the future. One is now on a 4 month cruise - [name withheld] - she has had 4 joint replacements and I gave her your literature - she seemed quite interested. The other one is [name withheld], whose mother is crippled up with arthritis. People make these decisions over time, but I love the benefits of our installation so very much and share this with my friends. Really, they should all sign up just to meet you all!


Sandy Bardos

Channel Island Beach, California

-- September 9, 2008

Good Morning Rebecca! Thank you for processing my request! I truly appreciate the excellent Customer Service; even though it's a very minor request, you took care of me as if it was for a much larger issue! It's great seeing people/companies doing things the "old fashioned" way ---- CARING! I worked as a Field Engineer for Eastman Kodak Company here in the States, and I interfaced daily with end-users/customers, so I appreciate how easy it can be to think of others' problems/requests as menial and not worth spending a lot of effort. I also knew that doing my best-effort always, no matter the size of the task, would be rewarded eventually. But it wasn't for the rewards that I did so --- it was for the satisfaction and pride I took in doing the best to help the customer. You have done the same here! Again Rebecca, my sincere Thank You for helping me out! Your management should be aware of your excellent service, so feel free to share my letter with anyone!

Cheektowaga, New York

-- March 29, 2011

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