Stone Care International, Inc.® has the most simple and safe way to care for your surface.

Our program is an insurance policy that will preserve and protect your investment so that you can have lifelong enjoyment of your surface. Stone Care International, Inc.® was founded in 1994 with the primary goal of developing safe, effective and user friendly care products for all natural stone and tile surfaces. Our business philosophy is simple: “Our customers deserve the best products and service in the world.”

SCI’s famous “Black & Gold Packaging” has become the most identified product in the world for stone, quartz surfacing and tile care. SCI® works very closely with consumers, architects, stone fabricators, tile installers, building management firms, designers and builders. Our products are used worldwide every day in homes, hotels, casinos, malls, and office buildings. We develop and manufacture all of our products “in-house” on our state-of-the art equipment so that we can provide you with the superior-grade quality that you deserve.

To provide you with the safest products available, SCI® works closely with Regulatory Agencies to assure that all of our products meet environmental and safety standards. SCI® is a major advocate of Environmental and Human Safety to help make our world a cleaner and safer place to live. Our products are both gentle to you and the environment.

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Marbamist – Stone Countertop Cleaner, Gallon

Feb 29, 2012 by Stone Care International

Marbamist® is a ready to use stone cleaner that will safely clean and condition granite countertops, marble vanities, limestone tile, slate, concrete countertops, travertine, soap stone and all other types of natural stone countertops. Marbamist® is a streak-free formula with a light vanilla scent that is ideal for cleaning and degreasing kitchen countertops and tables. It is safe in a food-handling environment and there is no rinsing required. Simply spray and wipe.