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Do you have a safe and effective water treatment system.

Whether we're brushing our teeth, drinking coffee or taking a shower, water plays an integral role in our day-to-day life. We wash our food, our clothes and ourselves generally without much thought about the water itself. Water can include a number of contaminants, ranging from iron, mangnese, flouride and lead, to mercury or even arsenic...

The first step to effective water treatment is knowing what's in your water, which is best accomplished with a water report. This allows you to diagnose your situation as a whole and install a water treatment system that fulfills the specific requirements. You may however be trying to fix a specific problem, such as hard water or water with a rotten-egg odor.

Once the issue is determined, it's on to treatment. The three main processes are:

Filtration - removes particulate matter Deposit Control - controls scale deposits Disinfection/Purification - kills bacteria

Properly applying these three main processes can solve currently existing problems and have a range of long-term benefits. For instance, correcting hard water leads to lower water-heating bills and longer (water-using) appliance lifetimes.

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Triangularwave Technologies, Inc. products & systems enhance product lines, allow you to enter new markets, broaden customer satisfaction, and add more dollars to your bottom line.

In order to ensure the greatest level of performance and satisfaction in your work with the TWT products & systems, we recommend that you contact our engineering staff, who will be pleased to work closely with you to determine the optimal application and installation for your industry specific needs.

TWT Inc. offers a full range of products & systems designed to address fluid problems wherever fluid flows. From patented deposit control technology to pre and post filtration needs, ionization, disinfection, and ultraviolet purification treatment and conditioning, TWT has the versatile, efficient, cost-effective methods to solve your fluid management problems end to end.

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Do You Have A Safe And Effective Water Treatment System?

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