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Snow buildup on metal roof

Asked by: joeaero on Aug 18, 2011
Category: Roofing
Answered by: webmaster-2

I own a small ranch style home in northern New Hampshire. I have a metal roof with exposed screws and a pitch of about 4/12. It was installed around 1982. The snow will not slide off at all. Last winter there was almost 4' on it before I could get up there to shovel it off.
My question is...Is there something I can do to help the sliding of the snow, without spending over $5000. for a new 'seamless' style roof? Paint / Wax???


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    • webmaster-2 over 4 years ago
    • Joe,

      There are a few options, but not all may be appropriate in your situation. Adding some sort of lubrication or greasing agent may help the snow fall off your roof more easily.

      It's not wise to do manual snow removal without proper equipment. What about hiring a local roofing contractor to perform once-a-month snow removal? This should be much cheaper than opting for a new seamless roof, even if you need to do this several times each winter. Here's an example of a roofing contractor that offers affordable snow clearing:

      Best of luck!
      -Marcus Cameron, roofer

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