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Outdoor Fireplace Pros

Our goal here at Outdoor Fireplace Pros is to provide our customers with the most sensational product selection possible. While we do have many traditional pieces, we pride ourselves on carrying some very rare selections that you won’t find most places. Many of our customers come to us simply looking...

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Stainless Steel Deco Commercial Patio Heater

Oct 16, 2012 by Outdoor Fireplace Pros

It is easy to mistake the Stainless Steel Commercial Patio Heater as a piece of art until you realize that this thing is made to work! Crafted from commercial grade 304 stainless steel and weighted thoughtfully for stability, this powerful unit will provide 46,000 BTUs that will warm a space with an impressive 18-foot diameter. It features a safety auto shutoff in the event that it is tipped over and its pilotless system allows for an easy single stage ignition process. You can easily store this in the garage or over in the corner when not in use, and then pull it out when it is needed because it features built-in wheels as well.

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Perfect blend of project and enjoyment

Oct 10, 2012 by Great Saunas

Brr-rr... . As the colder weather sets in everyone begins to miss the warm soothing weather that gives us so much energy. Building a Do-it-yourself sauna kit gives you both the satisfaction of completing the project yourself as well as being able to enjoy your sauna throughout the cooler months to relieve your aches, pains, arthritis symptoms and detoxing the body.

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Winter Swimming Pools – Gimmick or Great Idea?

Oct 04, 2012 by Arctic Spas

The popularity of backyard swimming pools is undeniable. It is a huge industry worldwide and shows no sign of going away. Be honest, if you could justify the cost you would have one. There is good reason for this popularity; swimming is one of the most efficient, safe and effective methods of exercise. The social and psychological benefits are also well known.

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terrazo cover

Terrazzo Patio Table and Chair Set Covers

Sep 18, 2012 by Outdoor Cover Pros

To ensure your outdoor furniture sees a long life, it needs to be protected when not in use, and especially at the end of the season. Of course, a poor-fitting cover or tarp is the same as offering no protection at all. You need something that will offer the highest level of protection against dirt, debris and weather. The Terrazzo Patio Table and Chair Set Covers will do just that.

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Harmony River Floor Fountain – Center Mount

Aug 31, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

It is hard to look at the Harmony River Floor Fountain-Center Mount and not immediately picture it somewhere in your home or office. With its significant size, simple style and choice of frame finishes, this is a water feature that will look dynamic anywhere, and since it does feature a center mount; it can be enjoyed from any angle.

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garden chimera

Garden Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace

Aug 31, 2012 by Outdoor Fireplace Pros

When one thinks of a chiminea, they often picture a very specific shape. Well, the Garden Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace breaks away from the mold yet still offers the same rustic charm.

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Bliss Hammock Quilted Cotton Hammock with Button Tuft Pillow

Aug 31, 2012 by Hammock Pros

Do you love the thought of spending a lazy afternoon in a hammock, but not very excited about having rope against your delicate skin? If so, the Bliss Hammock Quilted Cotton Hammock with Button Tuft Pillow is perfect for you.

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Fountain Stains And Algae Are No Big Deal With Duo Protec And Fountec

Jul 16, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

Every fountain requires a certain amount of maintenance regardless of its size and location. Debris and algae can build up quickly, but it is just as easy to keep your fountain clean with some diligence and a little help from the right materials. Protec and Fountec, two fountain cleaning solutions, are widely recommended by fountain owners to prevent the growth of algae, promote clean water and remove most stains from a fountain.

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Algoma Deluxe Caribbean Soft Polyester Rope Hammock

Jul 09, 2012 by Hammock Pros

For the ultimate in backyard comfort and design, choose the Algoma Deluxe Caribbean Soft Polyester Rope Hammock. This hammock will let you enjoy the shade on a hot sunny day while relaxing in the comfort of the tightly woven soft brown rope.

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Frogs on a Love Seat

Jul 09, 2012 by Outdoor Art Pros

Water structures create peace and tranquility in any outdoor garden setting. But when you want a whimsical piece of outdoor sculpture that also has a water elements, Frogs on a Love Seat is the only choice.

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The Sunrise Springs Water Fountain

Jul 09, 2012 by Water Fountain Pros

The Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountain is a great design for any office space and home that is looking for a lovely water feature.

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Algoma Hanging Nylon Net Chair

Jun 26, 2012 by Hammock Pros

If you live in a warm environment, chances are you’ve experienced the fantastic feeling you get when you lounge around outside on a sunny day.