Classic Blue: How to Incorporate the Colour of the Year in Your Home Decor

Renovations / Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

The Pantone Colour of the Year is used to influence trends in a variety of industries for the upcoming year such as fashion, home decor, and product designs. For 2020, Classic Blue is the colour to ring in the new decade and the colour that everyone should include in their homes to encourage goods vibes all year round. 

If you’re currently in the middle of a home renovation or if you’re looking at condos for sale, here’s how to incorporate the color of the year in your home!

It’s Written on the Walls

The most prominent way to showcase 2020’s colour of the year is to paint your walls. If you’ve been debating on paint colours, Classic Blue is perfect as it is timeless and will continue to be relevant allowing you to keep the paint colour for the coming years. If you feel you are not committed to painting an entire room blue, consider an accent wall. It’s a great way to have fun with the design of a room without the fear of changing it too much. The colour blue has also been known to help reduce stress and anxiety which makes it a good paint colour option for a home office or bedroom.

One Colour Fits All

Classic Blue is timeless and elegant and most often represents peace and tranquility but can also be empowering and dynamic. Because of its ability to capture the essence of diverse concepts, it is easy to integrate it into your home no matter your interior design style.

For the minimalists, a neutral palette is most common for design color schemes and Classic Blue seamlessly aligns with the cool tone that it often displays. 

Carefree and lively are words often associated with bohemian decor. This shade can easily be incorporated as this design style encourages an “anything goes” attitude whether it be your rug, sofa, or bed frame.

For more contemporary and upscale spaces, the hue is a perfect addition in that it emits a sense of simplicity and sophistication, both key characteristics of contemporary style. 

Coastal interior design styles are going to be the easiest to incorporate this year’s colour into as its common features include a cool neutral palette, light and airy spaces, and beach vibes, and what says the beach more than the colour blue?

All in the Details

In the bedroom, Classic Blue is perfect as it can help bring a sense of calmness, which is needed when you are ready to wind down for the night or when you want to wake up every day feeling refreshed! Changing out your bedsheets and blankets or getting new blue rugs and towels are fun accents to tie into your personal space. 

For the common spaces of your home, introducing classic blue decorative pillows and throw blankets in the living room are a simple but eye-catching way to showcase colour. Perhaps you also own a couple of plants, in this case, a simple switch to a blue vase or planter is another easy way to liven up the space.

Finally, in the kitchen, there is no need for any major changes. Instead, think about switching everyday household items and appliances that sport the classic blue. Items like stand mixers, cooking utensils, and baking supplies are easy to find in any home goods store.

While incorporating the colour of the year in your home is not mandatory, it is a fun way to enter the new decade alongside the industry trends. If you are looking at townhouses for sale in 2020 and are unsure of what you want your new home to look like, consider these suggestions for inspiration and begin the new year with a fresh new look.

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