5 Ideas for Your Extra Storage Room

Renovations / Friday, March 15th, 2019

If you’ve followed through with spring cleaning and cleared most of the items in your storage rooms, what do you do with all the extra space? From creating a mini movie theatre to a library, having more space is almost always an advantage and potential for making the most of your home.

Here are five ideas your extra storage room could be used for:

Create an Entertainment Room

Any home can always use an entertainment room, whether it’s for friends, kids, or yourself. The extra room could work as a perfect setting for playing board games and video games. If you have kids, the space could be used a playroom, perfect for keeping toys and books (and children) in one place. Throw in a couple of bean bags and a projector, and you could even build a mini movie theatre.

Turn It Into an Office

Sometimes more affordable housing can push people to live outside the city they work in. For example, residents living in Burlington real estate and Oakville real estate will have to make the long commute into the city and will opt for working from home on days with bad weather.

While this allows you to work from the comforts of your own home, it also requires that you find a suitable place to work. If you don’t already have one, a perfect use of your extra storage room would be to turn it into an office. A proper office setting can boost productivity even if it’s simply doing work in a different room. The only essentials for a home office are a desk, chair and lamp.

Build a Mini Library

If you’re someone who constantly has your nose in a book and can’t find enough space on your shelves for the whole series of Harry Potter, building a mini library would make great use of your extra room. Whether an extensive display or just a small reading nook, building a home library is relatively easy to set up, as all you need is a lot of shelving. These don’t always have to be brand new and some second-hand bookshelves can work just as well. Wall-to-wall shelving often creates a traditional and cozy setting, but don’t limit yourself in designing a library that you want to read in.

The last few steps to perfect the space is to add a seating area, proper lighting and of course – books.

Use It as a Hobby Room

If you’ve got a messy hobby or a partner who is constantly leaving their tools all over the house, you might want to use the room as a makeshift workshop. With a few cabinets, peg boards, and a large table, you’ve got yourself a working space for getting creative and messy. Perfect for hobbies like arts and crafts, wood-working, and gift-wrapping, you can keep all of your related items contained to a room, and don’t have to scramble to clean everything up when you have unexpected guests over.

Peg boards are an effective way to organize your tools and ideally, you will need lots of places to store your items and materials. Remember to install some kind of protection on the floors and walls before moving furniture if you think that you need it. The last thing you need are scratches and stains on your floor when trying to sell your house.

Design a Relaxation Room

Through the chaos of life, sometimes you just need time – and a place – to unwind. Use your spare room as an opportunity to create a zen-like space for meditation, reading a book, or for taking a break from the noisy world.

Look for calming and neutral tones, such as beige, lavender or natural greens when decorating the walls and furniture. To create a peaceful atmosphere, you might want to run soothing music in the background, such as classical music or the sound of a water. For fragrances, vanilla and similar lightly scented candles are recommended for destressing.

So take advantage of the luxury of having more room in the house than less!

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