Top 3 Tips for Early Spring Gardening

Outdoor space / Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Yes, we know snow is still on the ground so it’s almost impossible to think of spring. But, we promise, the earth will keep on turning and spring will be here before you know it! This time of year is actually the perfect season to focus on early spring gardening.

The fact is, we all want our front and back yards to look nice, especially as property values rise across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Barrie MLS, for example, reported that the average property price rose 2.4 per cent this February year over year to $519,500, while Guelph MLS rose almost 5 per cent to $542,000 and a home in the Greater Toronto Area now goes for $780,397.

With properties getting so pricey, it’s natural that homeowners want to take extra care and pride in the appearance of their home.

And that includes at minimum a neat lawn, and perhaps even a flower or vegetable garden. And to get that in summer, you need to start as early in spring, when the frost melts.

We turned to the experts at EarthEasy for three easy ways to do early spring gardening:

The Grass is Greener

Want your lawn to look a vibrant green this summer? Then you must cover any bare patches. Rake the lawn to bring light and air to the soil (make sure to use a metal rake — a cheap plastic isn’t strong enough to aerate the soil). Then mix grass seed in a bucket of soil and spread evenly onto any bare patches. Water until the seed germinates.

Prepare for Rain

Spring is almost synonymous with rain. But where does all the rain go? If you haven’t gotten rid of leaves and foliage, than the water collects in puddles, which won’t help you grow anything and is mucky to look at. Remove all dead growth from your lawn and put them into a compost bin.


Understandably, winter isn’t exactly good for soil. The cold weather sucks out the moisture, leaving it hard and dense. The nutrients necessary to grow life are also withheld, unable to permeate the frost. (Unlike summer and fall, where dead leaves, rain, manure, dead bugs and the like all come together and decompose to deliver nourishment back to the earth). To replace those nutrients and ensure healthy plants will grow. add an organic fertilizer. is a brokerage that combines online search tools and a full-service brokerage to empower Canadians to buy or sell their homes faster, easier and more successfully. Home buyers can browse homes across Canada on the website or the free iOS app. 

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