3 Important Ways to Care for your Condo

Outdoor space, Renovations / Thursday, April 11th, 2019

Condos are often the property of choice for today’s young professionals. Especially in a city like Toronto, where the average price of a detached home tops $1.2 million (for a fixer-upper), a smaller, less expensive property is a natural choice. Plus, condos are often walking distance to work in the downtown core, offer a gym in the building, and a concierge to take packages. What you lose in space you often gain in amenities. 

That condos are popular can be seen clearly the data from the Toronto Real Estate Board. Condos have risen in price while detached homes have declined

Units in the 416 grew 2.3 per cent to $603,969 this March year over year while units in the 905 grew 3.3 per cent to $463,774. Meanwhile, detached houses in the 416 declined 2.1 per cent to $1,267,598 while single family homes in the 905 declined 1.2 per cent to $910,624. 

Some of the most popular areas in Toronto to buy a unit are Liberty Village condosNorth York condos, and Etobicoke condos for sale. These neighbourhoods are dense, but also quiet, with good transit connections. 

But what happens after you’ve actually bought your Toronto condo and moved in? How do you care for it? 

Although a brand-new shiny condo may seem super easy to care for, there are a few cleaning and maintenance tips you should be aware of. 

Cleaning Your Unit

Firstly, research what cleaner you can use with your countertop. granite, for example, doesn’t take kindly to regular soap. You may also want to stock up on stainless steel wipes, or if you’re into natural cleaners, rubbing alcohol with a lint-free cloth works perfectly. And please don’t forget to clean your hood fan — the more often you do it, the less likely it is to collect grease stains you’ll never be able to get out. 

Maintaining Outdoor Space

You may or may not have a balcony with your condo, but if you do, be sure to sweep it regularly. The city can get very dirty and you want to keep the grime from building up. Better yet, buy some outdoor interlocking tiles or patches of real grass for a more homey feel. 

Keeping Floors in Good Condition

Sometimes condo floors are laminate and they tend to pop up after a few years, when that happens it’s better to call in a professional to fix the problem sooner than later. 

If this sounds too overwhelming for you, don’t be afraid to outsource the caring for your condo by hiring a cleaning service.

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