6 Types of Hands-Free Tech For Your Home

Smart home / Friday, January 18th, 2019

We all know too well the struggle of successfully carrying all your groceries to your door, only to fumble through your bag, searching for your house key.

Smart phones and smart cars have already showed us the benefits of advancements in technology. Now, people are looking into smart homes, and how convenience, going-green and safety is a must-have for your house.

Here are six types of hands-free technology that shows how adopting a connected home is the way of the future.

1 – A Smart Lock

Smart locks are the new keys – you won’t have to worry about accidentally locking yourself out of the house when rushing in the morning. Our phones on the other hand, are always near us or on our person, and through internet connection or Bluetooth, smart locks are able to detect when you are near and unlock the door for you.

Often, there are even settings that will automatically lock your door when you leave the house and unlock the door when you want to enter. You are even able to check on the app, who locked or unlocked the door, and at what time. Gone are the days of hiding a key under the mat or in the mailbox; now it’s all about giving those you trust access to your smart lock.

2 – Smart Security

For those who are still skeptical of the smart lock, smart security systems allow homeowners to have even more control over the safety of their houses. Setting security cameras around the home will allow you to use your smart phone to check up on when your kids are getting home, or what your dog is up to. You are also able to set alerts to notify you about any kind of activity around the home and see who’s at the door.

3 – Motion Detecting Lights

As Toronto and Vancouver condos for sale are steadily rising in popularity, the last thing you want is a steep utility bill to pay on top of your monthly payment. With a wave of a hand – literally – you can save on both cost and energy. Motion detection lights make flipping the light switch on a thing of the past and saves you the trouble of having to remember to turn the lights off when you leave the house. Affordable and easy to install, motion detection lights can save around 35 percent of your current light bulb energy usage.

4 – A Wi-Fi Smart Plug

For those who are still trying to ease into smart home technology, a Wi-Fi smart plug is a good place to start. They’re inexpensive and work the same as your old outlets but have a corresponding app that allows you to control your devices from anywhere that has Wi-Fi connection. You’ll be able to turn off the lamp you accidentally left on from work and create a schedule for when you want your lights to be on or off. Outdoor smart plugs make the festive Christmas season more affordable with timed displays.

5 – A Smart Thermostat

Homeowners, particularly those who live in Calgary condos and similar snowy areas, will want to start looking into a smart thermostat that can keep you warm and your heating bill down. Similar to smart plugs, a smart thermostat can be controlled by your phone through an app and scheduled to work with your temperature preferences. You are able to turn off the heating when you’re out, lower the heating overnight and wake up in warmer temperatures.

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6 – Smart Speakers

While this list has covered a variety of smart devices that can be used throughout your home, smart speakers are the ultimate control centre for those devices. The Amazon Echo, and Google Home are popular ones, just to name a few. Once you get a hold of these virtual assistants, you are able to lock your door, turn on the lights, adjust the temperature in the room all while checking who is outside, with just your voice. The smart speakers work with compatible smart devices to do most of the work around your house, without your help.

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