The Best Renovations to do in Autumn

Outdoor space, Renovations / Friday, August 31st, 2018

Ah, autumn. Pumpkin-spice lattes, red leaves and curling up under a wool blanket. It’s also a great time to tackle a renovation project. The brisk days of fall are more motivating than summer, when you’re busy at the cottage, stuck under an air conditioner or desperate to embrace the dwindling days of sunshine. That’s why it’s the best season to take care of home improvement projects for houses in Toronto.

Zoocasa determined five projects which are perfect to take-on before the icy days of winter:

1. Improve your deck

Right after summer you’ve probably noticed all the ways you’re not quite satisfied with your deck space. Maybe it’s not great for barbequing, the slats are beat up or it’s sagging in the middle. Fall is the perfect time to re-do, upgrade or build a deck from scratch. Why not add lights, an outdoor fireplace or a roof so that you can use it for all four seasons? Your future summer-self will thank you.

2.Clean your vents and ducts

One of the least exciting projects, the importance of cleaning your vents and ducts can often fly under the radar. But getting rid of dust, allergens and dirt can seriously improve the air quality of your home, and thus your long term health. All that junk gets dispersed when you turn on your heating, so fall, before you crank on system,  is the best time to call in a professional.

3.Update your insulation

This update is likely to make upcoming winter far more comfortable, and potentially lower your utility bills. Adding insulation around doors, windows and around pipes will keep you warm and toasty.

4.Repair your roof

A leaking roof is unpleasant anytime of year, but more so in winter. The last thing you want is a water dripping through or shingles flying off when it’s snowing. It’s not easy repairing damage when there’s a thick white blanket covering the surface. Inviting professionals to inspect your roof in the fall is an ounce of prevention that may prevent a pound of cure.

5. A new coat of paint

While you may intuitively assume that summer is the best time for painting because it’s hot, the humidity can actually prevent the paint from setting. Fall, with its cooler but still not freezing temperatures is actually the best time for this type of refresh. It’s also one of the few fixes owners of Toronto condos have at their fingertips, should they be feeling a fresh autumn look. is a leading real estate company that combines online search tools and a full-service brokerage to empower Canadians to buy or sell their homes faster, easier and more successfully. Home buyers can browse real estate listings on the website or the free iOS app.

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