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Renovations / Thursday, October 10th, 2019

By: Zoocasa

Whether you are looking at condos for sale in Toronto or houses around the GTA, a home library is any bookworm’s dream. Truly, what could be better than shelves of your favourite books and stories to really give your home a personal touch? Here are some ideas on how you can unleash your inner reader and create the perfect home library for you. 

Finding the Perfect Location

One of the first steps to planning your home library is picking a location. Try to choose a spot that is quiet and preferably not too busy. While having a small room or nook devoted to your library may be ideal, for people with a little less space to spare, sectioning off wall space in a home office or even your bedroom can also do the trick. Also don’t be afraid to stray away from more traditional locations and get a bit creative, convert unlikely areas around stairs or window ledges into the perfect location for your library.

The Perfect Shelves for Your Stacks

The focal point of the library will be the shelves upon which the books are resting. While built-ins will allow for a bit more customization, they can be quite expensive; consider using shelves as a more budget friendly option. Although there are a number of different ways to organize your library’s shelves, considering organizing your books by colour may make them another design element you can tinker around with. Also try to be mindful not to overcrowd your shelves as it makes them less aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There are a number of ways to break up your stacks, consider art pieces or even drawers. 

Choose Comfy Furniture

Seating is one of the most important components of creating a home library. The key thing to keep in mind when looking at seating is that comfort is essential. Consider adding furniture like side tables or desks to help with the functionality of the space. Also keep in mind that your layout should be well suited your space, think about placing seating near windows in order to take advantage of natural light. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different layouts for the seating and other furniture in the room as finding the right arrangement can be crucial for creating a library that fits your needs.

Illuminate the Pages with the Right Lighting

The lighting within your home library space will be doing double duty as it serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose. There are a number of different lighting choices like reading lamps, ceiling lights, display lights and natural light. Using any combination of these kinds of light will make the reading experience more enjoyable. Lighting on the shelves themselves, in particular, may make it easier to see while making the space look more polished.  

Home in On an Aesthetic 

There are a number of different elements that can contribute to the overall aesthetic of your library. Colour choice can be another way to show a bit more of your creativity and personal style within the space.  When picking out colours, keep in mind that in a room with so much going on, picking a cohesive theme can help to elevate the overlook of the space by showcasing the books rather than detracting from them. 

Details, Details, Details

Additional decorative touches can help to complete the look of the space. Before starting, create a clear vision for how you would like the space to be used and plan around that. 

Use this as an opportunity to add in different kinds of décor and colours to what might otherwise be more of a muted room. Consider adding other elements like speakers or boardgames to the room to give it more uses. These final considerations can help to really tie the space together, for example something as simple as a blanket can add to the overall comfortability of the room. 

Home libraries can be so versatile and come in different forms, it is important to create one that really fits your vision. No matter what stylistic direction you choose, in the end you will have a beautiful home library – the perfect place to curl up with a book, a great addition for Toronto houses.  

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