Storage Tips that Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Home Maintenance / Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

Is your home getting cluttered? At one point or another, all homeowners feel a little disorganized. Whether you are putting townhouses for sale in Toronto or just looking to gain a tidier space for you and your family, the following are a few golden rules for a more organized home.


One of the most important things you can do to become more organized is compartmentalize your belongings. Drawers, cabinets, and shelves are great for storing items, but if you want to become a true storage pro, you need to further organize these features. For example, if you’ve got cabinet shelving in your kitchen, you can use plastic containers or glass jars to provide internal organization. Put different types of appliances in the containers, and sort your bulk foods into jars. Label the containers if you want to take your storage efforts to the next level.

Try these tactics in other areas of your home. Cleaning closets, sock drawers, and office desks can often benefit from having additional storage components. This is a great way to improve accessibility and make any space more beautiful.

Choose the Right Containers

As you go through the process of sorting your belongings, make sure that you use the right containers. At many home improvement stores, containers will come in sets where they have one container of each size. This can be practical in some situations where you have varying amounts of an item, but you’ll likely find identical storage bins to be more practical. This option allows you to stack them easier resulting in saved space. 

Finally, if you’re looking to maximize your space, make sure that you opt for square or rectangular containers. Anything rounded or irregular in shape means that more space will be wasted. 

Store in Unconventional Locations

You might think that you’ve used up all your available storage space, but often there is additional room in unique locations. Cabinets, dressers, beds, and couches often have space above of beneath them that are simply collecting dust. Consider putting some bins on the top or bottom and filling them with items that are used occasionally.

Another home feature that can be used for storage are doors. We’ve all seen those over-the-door shoe organizers, but they can be used for other items as well. Consider putting cords, craft supplies, and other smaller items in the pockets. 

Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t have a walk-in closet and a surplus of cabinetry space, you can still reduce your home’s clutter and become more organized in little time. What’s more, these tips will help you in the staging process if you’re putting MLS listings on the market. Everyone likes a clean and orderly space, so give these useful hacks a try!

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