6 Backyard Repairs To Do in the Summer

Outdoor space / Sunday, June 30th, 2019

Have the winter and spring months done some damage to your backyard? Weather changes involving wind, rain, and snow can often have significant wear and tear on backyard features. With the summer just beginning, now is a great time to get your backyard into pristine shape so you can host those fun outdoor BBQs. 

Sometimes we can be blind to outdoor elements that desperately need a fix. Below is a checklist that you can follow to ensure that nothing is missed in your backyard improvement process. 

Give Your Fence a Facelift

Fences can have a huge impact on the look of your yard. After all, it does border a large surface area. With harsh wind and snow, it is easy for fences to get worn down. If you have a fence that looks worn, consider adding a fresh coat of paint. Alternatively, if parts of your fence have been broken, consider purchasing the supplies to replace the damaged sections. 

Patch Up Your Shed

Likewise, the exterior of your shed may have been damaged during the winter months. Perhaps some of the roofing needs to be repaired, the walls need a coat of paint, or maybe the door needs a new handle. Whatever the case, these repairs will not only improve the look of your space, but they will help keep your outdoor equipment secure and protected from the elements. If you get the job done quickly, consider organizing the contents of your shed to prevent further hassles during the summer. 

Clean Your Gutters

Sometimes our gutters can get clogged with twigs, leaves, dirt, and other debris. Though unclogging it isn’t always the most fun or urgent task, it should certainly be a priority for the summer. Buildup over time can escalate into larger problems creating leaks in your home, insect infestation, and rotting or cracking within the pipe. Take a few minutes to peak into the gutter and clean it out, or a hire a pro eavestrough cleaning service. This will prevent headaches in the future. 

Give Your Deck Some TLC

Like other components of a backyard, decks are inevitably susceptible to weather damage. Oftentimes deck owners find themselves re-staining their deck during the summer months, replacing the flooring, upgrading the railing, or fixing dislodged nails. Though these fixes can be more time consuming, they are certainly worth the attention. Decks are a great lounging spot, so you’ll want to ensure that yours is a safe and enjoyable area. 

Maintain Your Garden and Lawn

Repairing and doing regular upkeep for your green spaces is important during the summer months. You may need to invest more time upfront into lawn and garden care, but as the months progress it will be less maintenance and you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

Many residents with sizeable backyards will create gardens or repair ones that they managed over the previous summer. This usually involves weeding and planting new seeds. You can add vibrant flowers, fruits and vegetables, or bushes to create a picturesque looking yard. The possibilities are countless. 

Upfront repair and regular maintenance for your lawn is important as well. Many find that their grass has been damaged from flooding during the spring, so they end up planting new seed. Once this is done and grass has been grown, it is important to mow your lawn weekly to keep it looking pristine. 

Selling Your Home?

Backyards tend to be a valued component for buyers, especially those looking for a permanent home. Getting through this checklist will certainly aid in putting Calgary homes for sale or Vancouver MLS listings on the market.

Don’t waste more time, get outside and start crossing tasks off of your list!

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