Tips for Selling Your Home in the Summer

Selling Your Home / Monday, July 22nd, 2019

People are often surprised to learn that summer isn’t the most popular time of year to list houses for sale. Though summer is a great season for lots of activities, selling a home isn’t necessarily one of them. You’ll notice that MLS listings tend to dip during the summer months. This is because locals often leave for vacation, kids are on a break and require attention, and outdoor festivals and events tend to be more prominent during the summer. 

That being said, sometimes selling a home can’t wait for the fall. Here are some tips to make selling your home a lot easier during the summer months. 

Curb Appeal

Having good curb appeal is one of the most important components of selling a home, summer or not. However, given the heat and beauty of the summer months, you can really maximize curb appeal and use it to your advantage. 

Greenery is a great way to enhance your curb appeal. Keeping a well-cut lawn and maintaining a vibrant garden can really amplify your home. Lawns tend to grow faster during the summer, so make sure that it is cut once to twice a week. For your garden, plant colourful flowers and make sure to consistently trim any bushes and hedges.

Finally, ensure that you keep your entranceway well-swept and decluttered. To make your home even more welcoming, add some planters and a doormat to this area. You’ll create an excellent first impression if you prioritize curb appeal when selling your home. 


Since summer is such a busy time, you’ll want to make sure that you are flexible with your showings. This means that you’ll need to provide many showing opportunities and cater to those with specific schedules. This may be a little inconvenient on your end, but it will encourage a larger volume of people to come through your door.

When visitors start flowing in, you’ll want to provide a pleasant and comfortable experience. It’s likely that they’ll be hot from the outdoors, so fill the sink with some ice and refreshing bottled beverages. Also, make sure that you control the air temperature in your home. There’s nothing worse than a stuffy home on a humid day. If it is extra hot outside, consider placing floor fans around your home to encourage air flow. This will guarantee that guests are comfortable and stick around longer. 

Summer Accents

Summer is a beautiful time of year, so use this to your advantage! When you have your showings, open your windows to invite some sunshine in. Pull your window blinds to the top and consider removing any heavy drapes.

Additionally, you’ll want your home to reflect the bright and colourful nature of summer. Replace your dark items, such as throw pillows, rugs, and towels, with some lighter coloured ones. Additionally, bring some flowers inside to use as lovely summer centrepieces. These simple swaps and additions can have huge impacts during the staging process. 

Final Thoughts

Following these tips and having a bit of perseverance will certainly put you in a good position for selling your home. Not only should these tips help minimize the time before a sale, but they may also increase the amount that your home is sold for. So start making these summer home improvements and get ready for a sale!

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