What Bathroom Jobs are OK to DIY?

Renovations / Monday, November 12th, 2018

Sometimes homeowners are looking to save some cash and a bathroom renovation is where they choose to do it. It seems easy enough – bathrooms are fairly small and a few changes can lead to huge improvements in daily life. A longer counter, a double showerhead, and more storage can really make a difference to the morning rush.

But there are some projects that should be left to a professional, especially when you’re dealing with pipes and anything that can cause mould or mildew.

Here’s which bathroom jobs to tackle on your own – and when it’s time to call in a pro.

When to DIY and When to Call a Pro

When you’re listing your house: PRO

If you’re fixing up your bathroom in order to sell it, you should leave the job to a professional. We get it, you’re eager to move and are spending every night looking online at houses for sale in Etobicoke  or Kitchener homes for sale or perhaps King City mansions. You have enough going on right now as it is and don’t need to bother making multiple trips to the hardware store, creating a mess and potentially ruining the bathroom for its future owners. Either call a pro, or sell the house as-is.

Sprucing up metal fixtures: DIY

Sometimes all it takes to feel completely different about a bathroom is to buy shinier fixtures. A brand new luxury facet, mirror and shower head can change the entire feel of the bathroom and are fairly easy to self-install.

A new throne: DIY

There are now so many fancy toilets out there, including some that will sing to you and keep the seat warm. They don’t come cheap, so save on the labour costs. You can easily figure out how to install a toilet by watching YouTube videos and asking your spouse or kids for some help.

Switching out a bath: PRO

If your old bath is scratched and old, or salmon pink, you may have long dreamt of getting a new one, perhaps a free-standing cast iron tub.  Leave this job to a professional though, since it may require changing the piping or adding structural support.

Tile a shower wall or bathroom floor: DIY

As long as you have the time, feel free to tackle this project on your own. Block out an entire weekend for the job and don’t rush it, as a crooked tile will probably end up driving you crazy down the line. Make sure to go to a hardware and tile store with good customer service that can answer any lingering questions you may have, and point you to the best materials.

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